Tucker and it’s capella and official position Boston seemed to be a matter of fit in that production as.

To why they moved that’s good six points for James Harden easy to see who’s going to win that race yeah.

Early offense is often easy offense excellent work you you that time and firmly second quarter and we’re just over a minute in Thomas passes deported he dishes at the Millsaps to the right here is Paul takes it to heart Tucker with the ball Millsap on.

Shot coming wait rejected by no scent and that one goes on.

A bounds last touched by Nelson and we’re a little over a minute half into the second.

Quarter of action just fine on the clock from tea pardon that’s in there Anthony with the assist cartons got it all tied up now for Houston talk about doing a Rip Van Winkle on defense come on guys wake up following the news by Gary Harris from deep and Tucker gates to capella Arden outside calls at the free here’s Anthony missing the shot mr.

Much debate their blatant contact straightforward call simple Carmelo Anthony the third pick overall in the 2003 NBA Draft some pretty good company at the top of that one zone of course Darko hitch was number two on that list but how about D wait for a little bit of a surprise chris bosh you know all those guys with the exception of Melo have ranked hmm money’s checked in for the Nuggets so Anthony nails both of them and back to.

Mellows top five draft mates in 2003 all having raged you can’t choose the team you play.

For as a rookie Melo simply hasn’t been surrounded by that much doubt that’s why I was somewhat surprised that he resigned with the rebuilding Nick’s team last season not the prettiest Anthony’s got ten points and he just big boy right there the height advantage he’s got down low really difficult for.

Them to the phenomenon they got something about Miller please face some difficult injuries here about him to win a ring as soon as possible no way does he want to retire without that chance it’s making a.

Change here and this was checked in and a look at how the offensive approach has been going here so far.

For the Rockets I got a storyline here if it goes on for the rest of the.

Game it could be all those points are getting at the power and also guys that the passing has been terrific in the first half they’ll be happy football Moses’s now here’s Anthony he had a.

15-point out in the last game against here’s tongues shot from 12 that’s good on the.

Jump shot Thomas got 2 points and he has newly come to life here after a slow start when that first walk just under three and a half minutes play here in the second quarter nasty okage shoots the three.

Shot is off and it’s used in the other way well if this game comes down to the rebounding battle they’ll be the ones coming out on top they’ve had a strong game on that front Clark no doubt about it the feed now deployed windows half a screen porter passes to yogic those went through for bucket number three’s a perfect three for three to start several League changes going on here in the early portion of this.


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