Game yeah but neither team really jump ahead it reminds me of that cameo song back and forth now here’s Ennis he’s had some playing time but no scoring yet for him he’ll Sabbath against Anthony it’s holding by ties the defense needs to play title on him and that’s exactly what they did to force that fish well done to the inside no Sam it’s rebounded by Houston well they were ready for him right there I mean totally collapsed the defense on while looking back on last season you didn’t know where the.

Rockets would end up in terms of sitting in the playoffs ended up with the two-seat because they won the Southwest Division and as it turned out everything worked out very well for did in Canada divisional matchup.

In that first round against the mass for the Rockets took care.

Of business in that year and would advance time called here the Nuggets decide to talk it over to create their.

Offense but they still would have trouble knocking down the saxes didn’t have a lot of dead eye laser shooters every.

Field going temp with them was an adventure other problems on the offensive end something that’s rare for.

That hitting the open shot the mid-range shot and beyond being one of them you know Kevin how about being last in the league and catching shoot field goal percentage I mean got a good amount of looks that way but really struggled shooting on a 34% in those situations his partner hasn’t scored yet I’m sure will change it’s.

Rebounded by Carter Williams Rockets who’ve gotten exactly half the shots to.

Down here in the second five to 10 here’s Gordon humbly with the rebound I tell you what that’s too good a look to pass up there even though it didn’t go.

That’s one you gotta take see the best aliveness somehow ignores the titanium got the game.

Tied up here for Jen burger this has gone through six tonight when they’ve led Jordan on the way the brother William on the lane Borden he gets off the.

Mast monster slang uses a point guard looked up first I mean nothing you can finish like this stuff well.

Clark he wasn’t gonna give that opportunity up to a teammate okay always take himself any shoe pass up that kind of.

Opportunity or corner and it’s the nuggets with the ball oh sure the basketball with a spring on board – solid events they’re buying a name here’s green down kind of flair in a close game.

Thing is the two points not the Dramat.

Ah come on hard you had to go for it didn’t hey hey he’s an athlete and I can’t fault it you I might have now checked in for money it’s a benefit.

Your why today a flawless six six and one of the weaker areas for this group only shot about 71 percent from the line a season ago and I know the.

Free-throw shooting is an area they focused on improving coming into this season it’s really just my basketball you send a poor foul shooter to the line yeah and he was on his way to send them that one down so the play is definitely two.

Foul right there which is no good on that one tanking is something that.

All teams that are out of it tend to do I hate that word Clark but it seems to be the one used by a lot Nuggets didn’t really try to hide it last season either well you know it certainly looked that way right around March they just started sitting key players for no real reason they framed it as rest and guess where the Nuggets it seemed to.

Come for their players they all.

Felt fresh but the press release could say he needed rest so obviously a bit of 107 left here on the second and you know back to the nuggets in giving up a bit near the end of the season miscommunications like that can really bother play still it’s a viable strategy I don’t know if it’s viable but it’s a strategy.

That could pay dividends have executed the right way and the maggots now after their Rockets pick up three to the left side wing bumbly with a screen to get the second-chance points just a terrific finish there was no one that.

Was gonna prevent him GA from converting that one well clearly this is the kind of game that could come down to one or two plays and he wants to be the gap to make those plays a 3-ball and.

Curtain Williams gets it to go on the assist by the name Nanae he’s got three assists tonight the shot and game.

Clock separated by four dishes at the Plumlee as Delilah’s I’ll Janice from past the arc the path to.

Z I’ve targeted for Emma and you can see the defenders afraid to get in his way a.

Lot of times when he’s on his way to the basket but on that one they were there and we’re through the first half of basketball here and what’s been a good one you stood on top.

Up by four and time now to go.

We send you over to Doris Burke from the sideline course no carmelo after this first half of play what do you believe the team needs to focus on from here on out the next guy got his back and what you trying to get up mellow thanks for the time guys over.

To you Thank You Doris and we’ll be right back.

After halftime for the start of quarter number three it’s the Juke a sports halftime show well two quarters down two to go welcome back Ernie Johnson Shaquille O’Neal and.

Kenny the jet Smith as we start breaking it down for you a stellar first half for Carmelo Anthony he had 12 points two rebounds and two assists he put last games performance behind him doing some nice work in the opening.

Kenny what’d you think about the Rockets well they were consistent from downtown the playmakers found open shooters and the shooters delivered and knocked down shots on.

A high level in some ways it came down to confidence we’ll see if they have that same swagger in the second half and big fellow let’s get your thoughts on the Nuggets well.

They could be ahead in this game that they were taking care of the board’s more possession means more.

Scoring opportunities few rebounds either way could decide the outcome of the game ultimately this game will come down to who wants it more and that’ll.

Do it for now as the second half of our game is about to get underway.

I’ll come back everybody the start of the second half.

Getting underway both teams battling hard through the first half Melo habited terrific game 12 points.

And he’s made some good decision with the basketball – in being smart with the ball like he’s.


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