Been today Clark I think it’s critical for him and then he should repeat that every game we’ve got Isiah Thomas Paul Millsap out there at Porter then there’s his that’s the group in the game for the Nuggets Thomas can help you on kids at times he can hurt you.

On the defensive side immediately posted up on whenever he’s gone particularly on the weak side and controlling the defensive backfield now Porter Thomas no luck here we go.

One on one it’s Anthony with the drive get out the paw report.

Got a better defense eventually he’s gonna make you pay yeah you can see he’s still in he misses that we’re almost always deadly but he’s natto now Porter following Chris Paul’s three-point attempt unable to get the time basket there and we’re about a minute half here into the second half Tucker can’t get it to go.

I’ll type deep it’s being played right there got right up on him and forced to.

Miss textbook work close enough to bother the shot good challenge.

But disciplined enough to a boy sweet what to contact it’s miserable in control that misses it a change the tire thing that’s one for their first four to.

Start the second half here’s harden on the way there we go two minutes in now and he drops it in from the low post as something we don’t see nearly.

As much as we used to the favor look Clark they’ve been struggling here on offense yeah a little bit of cottonmouth money’s checked in for them Paul against Thomas and Chris Paul its from deep pulse got eight points those are starting.

To add up of their last five baskets three of them have been three-pointers and if clearly it’s about how poorly the.

Defense has played they’ve got to close out fast require dear sis sister you the Rockets were terrific on the road last season Clarke tied for second see which team now has the swagger Clarke right now yeah and guys that swagger can backfire because you don’t want to get your opponent and the highlight really fly here good stuff on that Kia slam damn so it’s Denver Thomas got 14 points for the game I tell you he has.

His repertoire that’s as good as it gets but just one of many on the wing.

Hardin he’s covered by Murphy here’s Tucker and the Rockets getting another bucket right there just over Thomas against Paul it goes out of bounds last touched by Paul James Ennis will check in for the Rockets Thomas goes.

In some nice ball Burma by the Nuggets they set the screen and so it looks like Denver will retain possession here the guys you need to be aware if they don’t want your pocket pit here are last season’s steals.

Leaders fifth on the list Chris Paul two words for you about this guy fast handle he was able to come away with the ball a lot last season he found a way always and you.

Know Denver was not that good against the West last season but they weren’t as bad as you would have thought managed to get nineteen winners.

Against the rest of the Kop we know how tough the West is so that’s not shabby 10:4 calls timeout ballin last.

They were really searching and they.

Finished 12th in the Western countries where there were 30 and 52 at the postseason but weren’t good enough the land of high traffic and so it looks like Denver will retain possession here great showing for him last season second in story 6th and steals and he ranked in.

The top 10 in assists an incredible net for drawing defenders blowing up defensive schemes designed to keep him under control here’s Paul don’t forget no last shot to go he feeds at the lettuce party right side shot clock at six with the ball no chef on him that’s good Tucker’s got four points in the quarter Vonnegut’s trail by six Thomas dish’s deportment the screen feeds at the murder go xanthus Street on heart Murray ditched a Millsap got his second desk that’s the kind of aggressive and assertive play they need as we get closer and closer.

To crunch down the Uriah Clark just continued to pound it in.

The paint and get those easy points inside now here’s Paul he’s got eight from past the yard no other.

It just paid his teammates have picked up slack now here’s quarter he’s got it closer they.

Set the pick lock at six that’s it no hoody be bounded by capella you fellas got his.

Food rebound tonight here’s Harden on the way he’s covered by Merc chopper the bass to capella that’s good Harden’s got 13 this sheeting has been outstanding but definitely one of the reasons Porter wishes to mill salmon way up.

That time so he’ll shoot two right here and he is the biggest body at six eight part foot Paul Millsap very effective and part of his being underrated and underestimated I think is do that son make that happen no good.

On the good road and Millsap with over a seven foot wingspan and also just a great nose for the ball he gets you rebounds blocks and he leads all power forwards and steals pretty much every season Houston a whole new five on the floor and pick.

It up Millsaps defense he can switch out and cover the remedy flares as well as smaller statue gives him that versatility but then the long wingspan allows him to steal Bain with the big here’s Murray and plumb adjustable and now here comes Gordon leading the Prix that’s foul number two for him way to get there first to.

Absorb the contact no question about it no flop there that was a direct shot to the chest I’ll different look for Denver I’ll comes in for Paul Millsap and it’s Gary Harris in for money Anthony’s check in for Houston Paul comes in for Michael carter-williams see.

The past department here’s crumbly and second chance bucket right there they’re not as aggressive from the.

Outside here maybe we should think about stretching the defense a little bit like they did in the first half I mean stretching the defense makes it easier to score inside too now here’s Anthony he’s got 12 or the three like he has so far 17-foot shot on the way and it was fouled.

On the way up two free-throws.

Now for him Clark Wiles one of the many great players to come out of Kentucky and be eligible for this drafty he didn’t wallow as much as his teammates I’m telling you what you can play he’s got a lot of game he’s actually one of my sleepers Kevin because he can do everything well he.

Can handle it he goes really good IQ I like this guy’s being a surprise producer as an NBA player the Rockets making a switch here cappellas checked in and guys with rao’s playing out of position didn’t get to play in his comfort zone and put up big numbers but his skill set green from the minutes he of the spin and it’s the numbers with the bone Carola Carmelo Anthony grabs the board Houston.

Leading by four all with the mall by Plumlee Green left some lish now DePaul the Rockets with another miss the shooting numbers just aren’t there yet in the court here’s work passes a to zeal and we’ve reached the end of the third Rockets lead by four and time to step aside.

Quickly but we’ll be back in no time with the start of the fourth quarter you it’s been a hard-fought battle fourth quarter should be good and so.

In the game for the Rockets Anthony out there at PJ Tucker then it’s harden then there’s Gordon and it’s capella in at the five star Gordon unfortunately for her an assortment of injuries have really derailed his career a few.

Years back he will bike he’d be an absolute.

Star once a 22-point two games four was down to 13 a game last season Brunell gordon yam the topic of Eric Gordon one would think he’s still young and talented enough to be a difference maker with.

Any team he just has to stay healthy that really.

Is the bottom line he’s got to keep himself together the truth is though he’s had a number of injuries that they’ve all been different is so with a little good luck we could see him shine once more and what an advantage you really feel.

Him when he’s at the moon here’s involves Colin Thomas’s feet Thomas got four assists now tonight he buckets and we know he delivers.

Down the stretch once again smart shoots strictly with the switch and the Rockets lead by six in after his last game really not surprised to see him as hot as he is here tonight Rousseff sets the pick for Thomas to the pink here’s yes and a foul on the shot will go to the strike for two want to get into the habit of letting the offense get to the rim yeah I.

Couldn’t agree with you more I mean that’s the message they were sending with that foul nothing easy inside and a moment to look at the scoring approach in terms of where the points are coming from for the Rockets you know one of.

The big stories has been to 3-ball it’s been a key part of their offense throughout the game yeah but don’t forget about their points in the paint because those have been big he’s off on the second team last year but but at times it.

Really felt like a one-man show and carry them so.

Much for so long you just have to wonder if they work it out now here’s Anthony the jumper from a free-throw line is good and that’s definitely a shot that he has at his arsenal here stumps in a carrying.

The team during the regular season where Harden are you talking about it didn’t show that much in the class Hartman was phenomenal most if not part Susan I would agree with you but step up in the postseason how it looked as good as he.

Did before all of his injuries as a case in point and here’s its Carmelo Anthony on the land outside good here’s Hardin on the way five to shoot let’s.


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