Smith he already has 12 points.

And one assist very quick start from here he wants.

His fingerprints all over this game catching up on the changes for.

Houston and then they he’s checked in for capella Anderson comes in for Carmelo Anthony Gerald Green he’s checked in for James Harden and it’s Connor Williams in for Paul three there man-birds leading by three well I tell you what Nanae as a man among boys down low remarkable physical power he’s also got a mentality about Gordon goes in.

He gets it to go sweet move tough finish what a play Gallus is gone or two from the field Segen screen defense there by the name Hewson’s non 105 from downtown in the first quarter points out there have been hard to.

Come by twenty two three oh we got last year the Rockets dealt with a.

Lot of injuries I mean the frontcourt and post players were hit the hardest I think almost every rocket big would end up missing sometime in last season GA as you.

Were talking about the injuries where the Rockets did pile up Dwight Howard was out Terrence Jones was out they missed those guys for multiple games yeah and that hurt him inside but also he goes down right before yes way off so.

All the Rockets had a hundred and eighty missed.

Games on their roster due to injury amazing they stayed so resilient and.

To capture that to see and the Mavericks making a change here Boreas.

Checked in rajon rondo have looked to be the missing piece for him Clark but where it just never seemed to come together you just don’t know trades are always risky you don’t know how they’re gonna work out and I give credit to ownership.

For talking to the players to see what they thought about the trade before they actually made the deal and things just didn’t really work out with the mass mr. gay with that coaching staff now here’s green and Edison gets the green easily coming off the pill and the luck its lead by two more of the last five makes came off Allah I follow.

These shot inside textbook would you look at how there you know they said it was the injury you suspect the man just set him down and took a big swing and missed with Rondo and a firing I think you have to give them credit for at least.

Taking the risk shoots from the right block and shot by the name no good the Maverick shooting 40% here in the early stations Maria the pass daddy shot to.

Stop the run and it’s do it on the way DS got it all tied up now for Dennis D.

Cannot forget about him like that it’ll light you up big-time it’s a tie game and the second.

Quarter will be on the way when we come back and be Andre Jordan at a focal point offensively for this team but as an offender he understands he can make a.

Big difference you do too Jordan the man who knows what his job is he like to chop Clark he does it very very well the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year but he is certainly the Clippers Defensive Player of the Year Jordans become a defensive Beast and animal defensively and really the thing of it is he’s still learning and growing he’s gonna continue to.

Get better which is scary so far it’s been a closely contested game as we get the second quarter that happened though and.

When you consider how the Rockets are doing guys you know what are your thoughts just almost an intimidating factor able to go out and consistently come up with the block shots like they.

Have defensive what happens does intimidated on the corn for Dallas here in the second.

They got Matthews Jordan is out there with power that’s Devin Harris and it’s Barea in at the point guard twenty two points in the win against Denver Anthony on the wing Tucker dishes to Carmelo a piece of dirk nowitzki is check in for possible here’s funny is the shot is worth nothing pardis got his second bump good run the inbound play any better than right there Paris out something here’s the screen kicks.

The methods Novitsky a string as Berea it’s from three-point range where vorrei has got himself going with the triple his first basket of the game trail by three guys what a sparkplug JJ Barea has been ravished career when he comes in the game you can feel the wolf who saw a couple games against Houston the foul saw.

Back in 2011 great why me he has an energizing effect on his teammates the fans and the announcers I’m he.

Spirit and hustle to the games to route toward our Mavericks leading by three Paris with now Anthony defending the feet in a bit ski and could coming on the assist from Devon Harris Nowitzki got his second bucket tonight yeah and they’re shooting really starting to pick up here in the second should help them increase their separation here an impressive offensive output points for him last game against the Nuggets in Den can’t get it to go now the man Berg’s ticket the other way well I tell you what the.

Game would be completely different if he’d shot the ball anything like he’s capable gets it to go basket of the night all that space out there do they not know have they not heard that this guy is unbelievable that’s way up for him and Dallas calls their first time out of the game you know for Carmelo last season his Murphy’s Law what could go wrong did go wrong after signing Melo to a max he’ll the.

Knicks management expected a bunch from him but with the new offense and a bad knee it didn’t happen and getting back to Carmela last year that team really became devoid of challenge in some games break in games that he played he seemed like their only scoring option you know we talked about needing a big tree to compete.

For championship it and for over half the season last year Knicks basically had a big half I mean because Carmelo missed that half and when the deck is stacked the history like that sometimes it’s better to fold strip cards and live to play another day and that’s really what Carmelo did he made no mistake that their plan was to run their offense through Nowitzki coach reminded them that he is supposed to be the key factor tonight and he still.

Wants to see that happen they’re not going to wait for halftime they want those adjustments to have an impact right away over to you Kevin thanks again Doris now here is.

Coming off a 13 point game against the Lakers how about the extraordinary display of his passing.


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