In that game all the right decisions and had their office honey all pizza to Tucker now here’s Ennis rowdy by Jordan the shot counts he’s fouled entities oh boy the Rockets have made two and this truth at the line tonight drops for him and waging Wars that they need good Matthews has got.

Himself going there his first points of the game in the deep.

Ball dirk nowitzki he can dish the rock to paul gets to Ennis there’s.

The pass detector and some nice fencing there by Houston.

Tennis dishes to tuck it to come right back with the three of his own it’s no good the Rockets it’s no secret that.

To team-building lady not talked about that a cleric you know your honor that hurts them in free agency well you know when your front office makes no qualms about viewing players are simply just assets it can be hard that’s foul number two for him so for the Rockets Nanae he’s checked in for capela Gordon comes in for James Harden and Michael carter-williams subbed in for Chris Paul.

And then forget and it’s a gumbo cousin DeAndre Jordan and it’s Harrison Barnes in for Devin Harris oh here.

Is Gordon in Points West and another miss by Houston he’s gonna play his way right onto the Vince and out of the game if he continues to shoot it like he.

Has so far in this for the Rockets trailer and the rejection by Smith and it’s his basket number six for him thus far he has only missed two shots from the floor check out these hands that’s the rush hour hand not midday.

Not early morning that’s rush hour this is off the right eye Dallas Wheaton by.

Four large passes to Smith he was fouled on the way up you know you look it down the mid-range or the short game last season but they could.

End this at 70 percent from 12th excluding drive Rory throw is good for the meds and that 70% shooting from 12 feet and in a lot of dirt pipe posts and push shots from their guards will do that it isn’t the most efficient shot by analytics but there is a lot to be had in the mid-range if.

Teams only protect the three and the.

Rim the Mavs did that last season in a season where everyone in the Southwest made it to the playoffs you just knew it is going to be a war of.

Attrition night in and night out still the Rockets managed to come out on top the Mavericks have gotten exactly after just go down here the second five exam Jacobo can’t get it to go they could in every possession with that shot.

They’d be happy nine times out of it’s gonna be two free-throws drew contact on the shot and the Rockets were just eight up and eight down a Southwest Division the Clark they won the out of division games they needed to in order to take the division crown exactly and it was.

Do that because the division was so tough it was actually the first ever Southwest Division title for the rocket guys Kjell Green looked to be out of the NBA at one point in his career but but since coming back from Russia he is completely reinvented himself as.

A player and for Gerald Green and Jim reinventing himself really was just known as a dunker.


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