So what about home ranges for whitetail deer well you know the whole saying of a deer is gonna live and die within a square mile that’s not entirely accurate because that’s not including dispersal you always have to think about about 70% give or take of yearling bucks are gonna disperse some where they’re born but when they set up.

Their range or their home range it’s pretty safe to say 600 800 acres sometimes a thousand acres it really depends on what we would say habitat quality can.

It meet all of its needs in terms of food cover and water can it meet all those needs if the deer has to move more to satisfy those needs than it has to move more period if the cover and the water and the food are arranged in such a way where it only spins only has to utilize 200 acres or 300 acres and that’s what a deer is going to do it’s not gonna.

Move more than it needs to now when it comes to the rut it’s gonna be a lot different so you may have a buck that in the summertime or you’re getting into the pre rut it might have spend 95% of the time it might be an 800 acre area and then you get to the Rudd and now it may be double that but it might be 1,500 acres or something like that and that is literally just because what is.

Occupying that Bucks brain right now is breeding and so he is moving all over the landscape you know looking for Esther snow is he’s going to different parts of the landscape where he’s looking for focal groups of Dov’s and things like that so that’s why.

You’ll typically see those increase movements during the rut.



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