My name is be Walken welcome back to copier coin where I show you how to copy your coin in the fastest-growing market in world history let’s get it today I want to talk about XRP a quick update video on what I talked about earlier in the week X RPGs are all calling one of the all points that we’re.

Limited series on all coins and in particular I wanted to look at plays kind of give you update and what I’m expecting as I say I always like to.

Look at the market top-down so I look at coin market cap kind of look at where we are certainly the market cap is still at 221 billion and XRP itself is still in third position at 21 billion holding steady at the 53 set point.

Now what I wanted to bring to your attention is when I had talked about XRP before and I spoke about it being able to hold this line I talked about it about this had a breakout and as you see it ran up here to 80 cents but it senses pullback but it has been able.

To hold above this so this resistance line which is now since become support and that’s the key point so as look at this is a daily.

Chart right now I’m going to the the hourly charts you can see it get a better better perspective kind of what’s going on and as you see it’s been bouncing back and forth back and forth here and here and what’s key about this time frame is that we are having this is going to be.
A conference here coming up in the next.

Few days and that conference is swell being held in San Francisco and it’s going to be held on October 1st through the October 2nd so that comes up right here hold on a second here we go so yeah the conference what we have here what we have here is a conference called swell which is being held by Ripple the major holder of XRP and it’s a conference run in from October 1st October 2nd.

What I like to draw your attention to is Marcus trade is it’s easier to trade and make a make a position build a position on news and that’s what you have right here that’s a possible news event that’s going to happen here I don’t know what’s gonna come out of.

This but based on this fundamental news that’s gonna happen here in October 1st October 2nd and looking at the charts as you can.

See we’re heading we’re heading towards that time I am imagine that this this price.

Compression is going to go back and forth and it could go one or two ways now if something news where that comes out like.

Say another bank I know PNC already said that they were looking at adding ripple net are using a ripple payment system for their international products if you have some of the news coming that another Bank joins or something else comes out that could be the calset ripple knees to move higher at.

The same time if nothing comes out of that conference other newsworthy again it could have something that could drop so when I look at that position and just kind of preparing myself I’m starting to build a position right here now this is certainly just what I’m doing this is not advice that you need to do certainly you need to research that for yourself but based on what I’m seeing right here there’s an opportunity here to begin to build a position and whatever you believe that.


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