Dogsledding is a sport usually associated with cold mountainous regions like the European Alps Canada Alaska and other icebound regions of the planet so it may come as a surprise to some defined it as a popular sport in Australia pulling sledding out of the Arctic and into the outback many visitors come to Australia for its stunning barren landscapes lying.

Bare under the scorching Sun others like Australians themselves prefer surfing and watersports but few think you’re coming here for a touch of winter sports dogsled racing has become increasingly popular in Australia proving the.

Country has more to offer than cities deserts and.

Beaches originating with the Inuits in Alaska Doakes learning involves up to six husky dogs who run around pulling a sled the Australian version lasts for three months in the winter period when temperatures are low enough for the dogs to compete most of the races are run on dirt forest roads with slits on wheels but once a year competitors have the opportunity to do the real thing and sled on snow although Doc’s litters are probably the world’s best sled us on wheels their lack of experience on.

Snow makes for a potentially bruising weekend the docs used in races in Australia.

Includes Siberian and Alaskan Huskies as well as Alaskan.



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