Oh my eyes right what do you boys doing out there you seen the birds you get them dialed in getting them the I look at you guys you guys are all matching so cute we are gonna go hunting tomorrow morning uh-huh right now we’re scouting we just finished up day one in South Dakota if you guys missed that.
Video I’ll be linked down below we uh we absolutely nya lated.

Some birds on opening day slept.

In the truck he was good but tonight today tomorrow tomorrow morning we’re hunting this field I don’t is this alfalfa all right alfalfa I guess we’re hunting in alfalfa field never heard of that being.

A thing didn’t know that was a thing I didn’t know alfalfa fields were a thing and what is how awfully useful I’m not sure but we’re haunting it tomorrow because the boys the boys are scouting right now right now they’re still doing they’re doing the full-on Scout and they found the juice they found they said there’s thousands of birds and I probably I’m guessing there coots they say they’re not so we’re gonna we’re just gonna let.

Them do whatever they want to do we’re gonna go there tomorrow morning but right now we’re scouting like I said we’re gonna we’re gonna see so we can do what we can make happen but I’m gonna get up on top of there and kind of show you guys a little bit what’s goin on oh I can see the birds so we are gonna go.

Hunting tomorrow morning bites want to kind of show you guys what we’re doing we’re doing a little Scout that’s how you do it you jump up.

The car and you throw some some $20 by nose on and you’re gonna go we’re gonna basically just chill tonight.

It’s gonna be a Timmy game time tomorrow all right boys right here that’s um.

Right there’s a marsh right there hay bales right there there’s water all the way around it like that I say we hide in those hay bales that wind is gonna be coming that way all.

Right so I say we sit there set our decoys up but like a like a string block right there all our decoys in and then just hit him on the cross shot that’s the best option that’s where they like to be yesterday’s with oh yeah well folks we’re set up I don’t.

Really know what to expect right now we’re using hay bale blinds for cover right now we don’t have any type of hide really whatsoever I’m wearing brown Hillary we got the blade City we got the Olive hoodie so I mean we’re gonna try.

To cover all the bases try to blend blend it as much as we can with like the green grass and this you know brown hay bale and whatnot there’s.

A little bit of water in front us not a lot I don’t know what’s gonna happen here I mean yesterday we scouted there was thousands and thousands of rows where we’re at now but there’s a ton of water out there and water.

There and not much in front of us this is the only hide we have so we’re kind.

Of stuck we’re gonna see what happens we got a few few spinning wings out there a couple splashers some teals and some Mallard what duck decoys got a few different things I’m pretty excited though I think it’s gonna happen I think as long as we don’t move and in our camo today kind of blends us.

In I think we’re gonna wall shoot some women I told the boys if we all limit out I’m buying everybody breakfast so that’s the goal so right now folks we got thousands.

And thousands of ducks landing about 100 hundred yards away so we got to make a movie we’re literally gonna leave already quest we’re just gonna grab the spinning wings and hike over there and try to set up on the ax we’re not on the axe.

Yesterday this was the X this morning it’s over there so we’re gonna make a move one and then a blue wing there you go well boys this is an absolute mess birds everywhere we’re just having to pass through them we’re basically a flooded field they don’t.
They don’t want to land where.

The decoys are anything like that let’s go boys that’s too son there we go boys got another blue wing that you just came in right at grass top level barely even saw him but right now we’re having issues getting these birds decoy there’s way too much water around here and we got Sam out there hunting a different puddle because that’s where they’ve been dumping in but I think the move is to remove the spinning.

Wings and just throw a couple teal decoys out there and just be kind of be quiet maybe a couple chuckles a couple quacks but I think right now literally art we’re using our decoys as blockers like don’t land over there we’re gonna put decoys and then don’t put decoys over here and.

See if they lay and we’ll put a couple but it’s been kind of tough we’ve seen a ton of birds but it’s just I don’t know they’re not liking something or they’re just one to land over there we’re not really sure but we’re gonna make make some adjustments to see what happens what do you got there Bob we got a Weejun look at that that’s a beaut right there yeah well we got some more.

Birds to finally work it’s been a struggle though boys like we’ve seen so many thousands of birds but getting them to land right and shooting arranges for.

It’s pretty dang tough but we just knock three down and there’s still some more flying but Kyle got a.

Little blue wing here what else we got it looks like a Weejun oh yeah region two regions in the bloom all there’s ducks comin right now so far it’s been a.

Mean we definitely should have shot more than we have but I mean for what we’ve we’ve been able to shoot out we’ve actually knocked down quite a few I mean we’ll have 30.

Packs coming in everybody we don’t we drop all three it’s been been pretty easy but we got to get a better hide right now this is our hide it’s kind of all trampled down so we’re gonna try to get back in those cattails just a little bit a few moments later they got a single buzzing right over us you got him boys we’re both yes sir it has been tough boys we are seeing so.

Many birds John and I actually ran across across from the gang over there in the bushes sat against the hay bail and this little tail just came flying by just.

Absolutely awesome they actually just dusted one two they’re still tricking along.

Late morning flight still smoking you boys have fun how many did we shoot decent decent not bad dayson right now we are leaving the marsh we got to go grab some food but look at this guy hey how are you we’re doing duck trivia he’s got if you guys watch each other video duck trivia thing I’m gonna do.

Name this duck right here that that duck right here you got a name it you got a you got it what species is it what gender and species yes there’s only two of them name it in the comment section down below and if you are the first person to guess it correctly I’ll give you a duck’s hat and hoodie.

As you saw this what we were in a day worked great shot a bunch of birds we gotta go grab some lunch and then we’re gonna come back out for an evening hunt see if we do some damage.

But that guy right there you got a name in the comment section below gender and type of type of duck first guy first-come first-serve wins do it do it well folks.

We are back out on the marsh it’s it’s it’s in the evening right now believe it’s like five o’clock and.

We’re gonna see if we can shoot it shoot some evening bursts poke a few more get a few pokes in before the day’s the day is then we went back grabs the launch took him took a fat now fantastic nap that’s the move duck on in the morning take a nap go.

Back out in the evening and they tried to poach.

My we actually set some decoys have some.

Goose decoys and we’re gonna Stephen get some some hog daddy’s contacts.

Coming we’re not seeing anything though we’re not really sure what’s gonna happen the wind has picked up significantly which is a good thing it’s a very very good thing and like the diversity quite better we’re hoping for one last evening push off some birds and seeing if we can make some magic before I go like said the duck trivia thing you.

I should have a into that but we have a ton of new stuff had ducks if you guys don’t know what ducks is it is a waterfowl company that makes.

Hats hoodies beanies t-shirts long sleeves calls lanyards a lot of things stickers some really cool barrel stickers some decals coming out a whole bunch of stuff but you.

Guys know what that is go check it out link is down below and I would.

Really appreciate it if you did got some good stuff.

You guys want to check it out I promise you there’s something on website you guys are gonna like and we run some sales and do some pretty cool promos.

Too so follow on instagram at ducks waterfowl and that’s pretty much all I got I think.

I think we’re gonna shoot some birds stay tuned what do we got boys nice little.

Hemp into first pintail boys look at that brute you shoot her yes sir you guys that your first bin till the season well obviously I mean it was over yeah absolute.

Beauty look at that and these are like prime my favorite ducks to shoot to be completely honest the freakin sweet well.

Finally got the first birds of the evening Sam over here sharpshooter McGee snipe one.

And I was were just messing around taking some pictures chillin and we got more ducks but uh got it we had a group come in Sam shot that one for real real good yeah fun papi I did it was a great day yeah I got to see those nice.

Drake’s fall so that was the highlight of the day for me probably yeah yeah it was worth it to make that trip out here right oh yeah hello you are ugly what about you rekt.


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