Hey everyone welcome it’s Dan Han from the slot sharks little Sunday Funday live play a little skill based gaming so we are at location out of the blue seafood restaurant seafood and crabs right here in beautiful Gainesville Virginia you guys welcome glad you’re here to join us Maile says hey gizmo in a house that’s right here we go.

Guys something new let’s see what we can do so we’re gonna stuff that turkey we got our money right here everybody likes to see the stuff the turkey gets stuffed so.

That’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna stuff that turkey with some twenty dollar rose that’s right oh yeah okay get that get that turkey nice and stuff for some live play because they’re having a good Sunday little rainy here in Virginia little overcast weather but perfect.

Weather to play some spots see how this goes see where this takes us today are you doing it go welcome cha-ching okay so here we go so we got a bunch of games on these cabinets here now let’s give you a lay of the land real quick so these are lucky duck games.

And we’re just right here at out of the blue crabs and seafood get a bunch of games over here more cabinets yeah Thank You Jay appreciate the good luck say how do you guys hi yo dog thanks for joining us today so our.

Crabs and seafood in Gainesville Virginia we’re gonna be playing some skill play slots so hopefully you guys kick back and enjoy a lot of these games you’ve probably never seen before because I’ve never seen it before but it’s gonna be fun let’s climb together hey let’s see what’s getting really gonna play first let’s see we do here oh no let’s see gorillas got a bunch of games in here.

Let’s try a queen of the Vikings why that one looks good Vancity slot says Zeus will play that one next ban City 123 people watching already thanks guys for joining us Sunday Funday with the SAP jerks okay I’ll set the bet let’s.

See points per line let’s start with some $2 bets $2 swing I’m gonna guess three of those little here’s a little ship so get us the bonus Thank You Shawn says love you guys so.

Fun Kenneth from Boston says go sharks yeah we’re just bringing a little something different here $2 swingers we know the Viking.
Tracy Dee with a photo super.

Chet this is gonna be so much fun go Dan everybody smash that thumbs up and hash tag sharks the same dan good luck on this Sunday Funday that’s right.

Thank You Tracy d appreciate that you guys can hit that smash that thumbs up button show us Oh bonus baby come on Oh didn’t get it Queen of the Vikings so far the Queen James at the end of the end of your play when you go.

Complete a skill and it’s basically very rudimentary so this there’s there’s really no I mean unless you’re just I don’t know you don’t understand what’s going on there’s practically no way I don’t believe that.

You cannot get your money back foot I don’t know we’ll see I’ll.

Show you what it looks like here if you right now we got to get a bonus Queen of Vikings I know it looks just like a regular stock pretty fun even more fun when you get a bonus karen says hi sharks happy sunday happy Sunday to you hope you guys are having a great Sunday we are.


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