Hello my cuties but when it blows that’s the question it blends it’s me slightly delayed play with one key pedal cam here and welcome back to GT sport my rig setup for in a moment hence why I’m doing it this way it’s just easy to do GT sport and my final tip rigor set up saying that I have.

Been victory down down bottom down down into foot well a batter on the out of the pedals I had to change this out which is a something what is this it’s a box I had to change this box out because the brake on here basically is the low so broke the hood break and when you.

Try putting in the clutch the load cell brake you get no pressure so today guys the plan is to try and gain some not a high rating then some driver rating TM and try and get to a I’ll get closer to a now I know there is no if ia stuff going on I scouted out beforehand and mr. Bentley told me Arthur I scouted out so I found out twice but there is some racing going on.

There’s azĂșcar now the the brake I’ve got as I mentioned is just essentially a clutch now so it’s a really light like using my racing slippers it’s really easy to pursue push these.

Down so I should hopefully be okay and.

Might still be pretty enough but that’s just trying it used to the game thank you all for joining by the way hey there thank you all for joining it’s good to be streaming frankly as.

I’ve if you’re on my discord you know I’m pretty tired like I’m bouncing around all the moment I’m leaving again the first day in morning to go off to Denmark to do the gt-r 24 and then okay so here’s a schedule right Teachout 24 thursday i then leave yeah okay anyway I leave on Thursday and then we finish them on Sunday Chris and I and then we fly back on sunday evening we go to a hotel in Gatwick and then.

We fly off to Vegas the next day it’s gonna be a bit of a tight one but I’m really confortable I’m looking forward it shall we get going shall we actually do things I think we shall now we have a couple of minutes until all the session opens so what I’m going to do in the meantime is I’m going to maybe do.

Some of these circuit experiences just trying to unlock a little bit of unlock some get some experience or whatever it’s really cool but I’m also very tired right thing is we’re going to be driving to Zuko’s today that’s learned that Suzuka one new black Buddha KU it’s at sometime between Vegas and MDA yes a little bit of time between NDA but yeah Mike kind of plan is.

When I come back from Vegas is to really try and buckle down and get some content back out again for.

You guys frankly I it kind of sucks seeing YouTube just kind.

Of all the graphs go down etc and I want to not do that so when I come back I’m going to try and convince Boily to get involved in.

Some races with me get involved in some six-hour races if he fancies of course you know he never seems to at the moment yep dude YouTube’s not giving up notifications POG oh my god so let’s see what I’m like how’s this compared to PC Sims it’s not quite there.

Pretty deadly son Jimmy Thank You shoberg for the five thank you me good to see you okay good start so you’re probably seeing how easy it is for me to push this breakdown there don’t make things a little bit tricky but you have to get used to wow this town is worse than the Aston does I still I again he duck please yeah there’s no.

Feel in the break but it’s better than having no break yeah I saw a barometer and.

We were in Madrid she came up just but it to be wearing my gloves for extra speed however I don’t want to unleash my true power until we get into the online races look that’s how you turn the car by jumping the brakeman corner laughs TC that feels like I do this can’t really rotates on the break maybe the yellow sponge maybe we can bring the stress ball back I still have it when you.
Reckon chat stressful or Jeff had a game play okay.

Oh it might just be that I’ve mixed something up it shouldn’t be give it very fresh sniff it still as well the thing when you come off the break just go round of stressful bring bird back that was still there yeah honey Madrid it was a.

Really fun event they always are fun she acts I can still win this hey okay this thing’s dangerous when this comes on right oh wait now this rule maybe listen hmm Raj funk is audio insane cannot chat give me yes or no here is a stress ball oh god it’s not looking fresh neither I mind you without my Gardens for a.

Long time there you go oh no it’s not gonna stay there I don’t think Louise no pun Torito Jimmer they got stressful in this thank you Thank You Tommy that we should team up and what no stressful just pieced out the food wasn’t stressful pieces out now what do we do chat not for our sink Oh check it in a second it’s hard to get it in sync with the capture card you have to guess what the delay is.

Look at his smooth inputs checked I want see some wizardry and now playing without pedals explain that a fifth column Lisbon hard today I feel went better without pennies take the ball and I’m using al gato things got schooled.

Why should you in too bad am i maybe I should just use the anchor cause I’m.

A console peasant now not quite that’s one fair bit duty sport cart all right on this the 14 doesn’t consist on TC hey you keep it flexed tape I.

Don’t have any folks tape tell my wife the message it as you’d imagine okay all right fix the brake pedal yeah it’s just going to get right please no pun Torito Jim yeah Thank You Tommy all right I got a long way to the SS man but thank you for the five kind of put rang on this oh thank you stressful sake don’t squash me you.

Got some balls lads bring out your balls Oh mouths only like 1.

5 seconds of my friend rankings I got in the top four lads that is kind of POG I guess I should.

Go and do some qualifying for this event coming up know about qualify now Ross is the power of cone oh I got something please not the box there’s a.

Golf e looking box on the right I’m not the knee with the VW’s please no no okay I’m actually that’s alright no that’s okay that’s okay shall we use hand controls for a race and see how we do would you reckon what does chato think also.

Let’s have a look at this quick well I have a moment.

Oh I know why sorry chat why it’s just like no don’t do that you idiot a scam I don’t understand what sort of think the same time hunter Ito Jimmer Thank You Rene thank you might appreciate the two Franck’s it’s REI coming around so much guys it’s just been a busy period to me.

Recently some quite cool opportunities hope you’re coming up as well can’t quite talked about yet but why too soon Thank You Rafael for the -.

Cheers mate many loves its end to this bitch Oh tried to qualifying credit and rice please no aunt Arina you man Oh take me Vantage Thank You Howie for the 199 how do I fix pedal I just put well this miserable still there it’s just kinda chillin in.

The background I changed my breakout for the clutch it’s got not much feeling to it but I can actually depress it which is nice this that get the gloves on I’m a serious racer now yeah I’ve been.

Busy but like kind of thing is usually with YouTube has been my life for the last like two years I properly like every day I’d make a video stream and very rarely have a day off writing nothing and recently I’ve been having.

It’s been kind of odd I know I don’t get any freebies from DC for that unfortunately which is a shame oh god to ones coming in fast Thank You Tommy Tommy’s ascended.

Guys can we get some love and chat for Tommy or like a dab ammo or something just some until that time we know he’s liked I like it all right here we go here comes the best qualifying lap you ever did see probably not one me though it also remember what all the buttons.

Are now like I’m giving so much aggression with the throttle but of course it doesn’t work that way more idea 107 my 70% model done yes fatty and the acid is many things but hang on this oh I’ll just calculus you cuz though that is thick you.

Clark for the pound appreciate it my friend oh god that’s a grass damn you Clark that.

Nice man that sounds like a lot of fun I’d be a fun a lot.

Of fun hope you have fun many funds please no punter Inazuma I thank you Tommy I’m sure we’ll be the same a little bit.

Sometime if you’re around I I try and do some lobbies every now and then they will do one today please note pun Torito Jimmer and cute David freaky man it says meow yeah so actually I didn’t see much of the u. gone free by Silva because that I’m not using tracks control.

Now how are you proud of me do you hate me still got the car is bad through there and by the car I mean me of course I’m bad with that play gotta blame the.

Car muchos and we’re just continue the lap fly has something on.

The board we panic we’re playing the console game now chap they’ve got have the console Minds thumbs up mine don’t we I’ll now assists they don’t use their system.

Real light do you what to be honest I’m using white rice controls this the first controller ABS it’s on D for those who knows oh my god this the line to chat as it’s the line to have we found the line yeah I’m not gonna do well in this race now this wheel was painful I forgot how much he wants to kill you this is this bodes well for the race.

Coming up well like a brick to burns rally remaster.

I mean I guess but we have one or not I’m unsure switch to pug now I’ll try this first things I am I have now after martin/driver move over Nikki team dimmer is in town please no Anthony no Perry is scary Thank You shim Bob for the 5 cheers mate in your first enjoy good luck man happy goes well and gyros are always a little bit spooky especially the first time don’t be upset if he doesn’t go perfectly Jiro’s rarely do well didn’t it didn’t icky.

Team have his YouTube channel taken down because of copyright that was a f to pay respects to Nikki are.

Oh my god Claire is not tog yet somehow we got round now I never.

Get upset team up with Super GT for an enduro but we.

Tried doing that line racing a while.

Ago but you pulled out the personal reasons which is a little shame but in the end it was myself Bailey and Malone we won so won Sebring I’ll complain there that was a terrible spoon I need I really need a separate rig for like console and PC stuff cuz my I was W.

Just sitting up in the shower for a moment I’m looking at lovingly thinking you’re wrong with banner tech wheel was decent it’s not an OFW well that was an awful now after we.

Return you have a room I’m not at time.

Like in the secretary isn’t it he’s out player.

In the ass tonight there two minutes flat yeah easy easy every time but I was Reisler than my laughs at through there and I went off on.

That one yeah I wanna turn off the gose I need to do that annoying the sheets the FATA this.

Lap has been come bad like every mistake I’ve made the first lap I made it I made it here as well go away spooky boy to me please I know you’re degenerate the try not to be one for this for a little while I took me to PA and then we have the money for a p. for Julie dammit dammit no now your twat the inside dive I got by my arms super breaking couple why on this Oh what do you think will will is angry.

And I seven mean yeah give it go is that Alpine star suppose yes you’re actually a Ben Sherman stickers.

Stickers it’s Duke Toba Thank You Ali chance of watching ma’am I use your coolest right now haki.

This rift these my times more consistent consistently bird you missed the dog Oh.

Slippers and low with those blunder there it’s.

Bit of a bit of a cobweb boy the petrol issues are somewhat a pitch with a thing of the past year I comes from like.

Some old gt4 stream okay so we start 7th midfield you oh my.

God if you’re enjoying a stream in the like button if you wanna of course if you don’t want to then don’t but be nice if we did city when we’re about to start our first race of the evening skyy come on man be nice to me I’m only a beginner I’m.

Only on 2004 PC I don’t really know how the that would even work nothing at work on my PC thank you for the offer though it almost seems like this one o.p car however we don’t subscribe to that yeah I know I know forts and I know I might walk on the – apparently apparently there’s no point.

DCF keys – got 51 minutes to let go yeah I know buddy I know I’ve it’s the bee warrior no Bailey was French reminds me nato remember is bouncy here to get an earlier there it’s really no grip out there right chat let’s hit some predictions what do you reckon what do you Rex.

Have I changed my wig yeah I got a new wig similar lasted in the background what a cutie hey no doing this I’ll see you there I’m now p6 I’ve got Matt mate main main a ski with a ski in front always won some men a ski and hemmed on the third place it’s not rise of this let’s do that I will not fester green go after short it miss race oh no it’s a proper sprint alright ok so let’s see.

The mayonnaise boy in front is my ultimate cornering new technique oh god no I need to better for them I’m not Oh God the understeer yeah I gained a place two places.

Deservedly I suppose Eames in front of us that could be good yeah the copper fov isn’t really what I like so I use this instead that’s that’s the problem then I guess.

This car is chubby and the low Mayo give me that b12 for you you’re the podium yeah I would really like to have the virtual mirror in this view makes more sense really the car behinds quicken the t1 and.

Select for the essence by some of me God’s betcha for that his son some of the cones are tripping and women desam rip in cone somehow third is pretty much how all my races go yep that’s the line continues to be the line don’t worry about it I think good exit though as you put them at a time when it got behind if that feat isn’t bad I mean I.

Wouldn’t compare this to a PC sim sense more a gateway to the more hardcore simulators oh my god thank you dude I really appreciate that you didn’t it I was going wide and they just like pushed me out well we back in seventh boys top ten races that are a rains and there’s a collage I feel like you’d push me out I think way you.

Might not have done maybe I just spun up in a way kind like there was a another hit as I went round the Volvo fan in front no Volvo’s here only after Martin thanked okay so I can maybe still catch David Alonso Fernando’s younger brother I see we just increased your rating by being good votes you’re not doing that right now.

I can still win dis public hamdi’s think maybe I haven’t synced up again chrimbus thing and simpie teasing kinda hard to I could.

We put it to the outside of the track of us and sort of overstay that that’s the thing I mentioned when I was at the event as well when like.

You’re going through some time meetings before this is actually quite decent feeling in the wheel but never really know how much traction you’ve got or haven’t.

Got most the time maybe that’s something that comes after a little while I get used to the feel of things you know it’s either beetle my absolute lat I can still come fitness I’ve regret not taking the the Volkswagen alpha layer oh saying that.

You don’t get the choice you have to use that weird drop top fitness nerve the b2 of duty Freedonia I mean group free I mean it’s safe non-licensed counterpart come on b12 put on.

Falls off we battle in 4/4 now lads crash it went off that’s the appropriate if I can stay with from now I can just drive past and don’t want.

To yeah saying that he’s all over.

The place Wow really I mean okay how’s a bit shitty funny thing is that I came back into stock and killed him as he went off so that’s a shame to come forth in that well it’s kind of funny because he entered.


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