Welcome everybody in my country we have the reputation of always starting late but I want to change that so I’m gonna start sharp my name is Natalie realest and during the session improving customer experience at VMware using service and more we were lucky enough today to be the cold dark room I hope you all have a coffee and.

Have a blanket or whatever you need to go through this hour and to join me in this path in which I will be presenting the the experience that we have had over the past six seven years in.

VMware handling customer experience this session will have two main topics the first one will be focusing on our.

CX story ins or CX journey and the other will be survey analysis and a little bit of tableau as I would like to start by introducing myself I am Natalia we’ll just fear Avanti I am from Costa Rica yeah because the Rica Pura Vida have you ever been to Costa.

Rica oh great I live in the countryside of the country pretty far from from the city in indeed in the mountains I usually go hiking on weekends and what else can I tell you about myself.

I am a mom I started actually analytics because of my motherhood when my my daughter was born I stayed at home a full year and then a friend called hey we’re looking for somebody that knows math and knows Excel and I was like yeah I can go and then one thing bring beyond to the.

Other and I started with tableau about six years ago and I have been working with serve the data for four years now at VMware for the ones that are not familiar with VMware we word.

Is really situation and cloud computing company it is based in Palo Alto it is a huge enterprise and we have a company or subsidiary of the company as well in Costa.

Rica so it is located in a lot of places in the world and we sell software to major enterprises but it small also small businesses and universities.

And individuals so that being said this is.

Our agenda for today we’re going.

Talk about three topics and then VMware ZX journey survey analysis and if you’re not into any of those areas I.

Will give at the end some executive tips that I that we have applied when we’re building executive dashboards so CX customer experience what.

Is customer experience a lot of people trying to confuse customer experience with customer service it is different CX starts at the moment that a customer or a possible customer.

Wants to get to know about your product or your service and here she goes online goes to your website goes to forums goes to Reddit and start looking for your product for your services starts reading the reviews then.

He or she decided to buy the product and either contact sales or purchase it online or whatever process you have to get the product then she or he installs the product or start using the product and is it is it for them to use is it too complex and and so on eventually will will he or she need to contact support or contact service or get a certification to use your.

Product or your service and they they decide if they want to keep buying your product or your service and renew the contract so all that the steps that I just mentioned is what we know as customer journey and we measure customer experience in every one of those stages VMware has an entire department and that does that I am part of this department customer advocacy but we not only focus on.

Measuring the customer experience but we also measure partner and employee experience and.

We try to triangulate those results to get actually business decisions around our product and our services and how do we do it we do it through four four processes we have life interviews with people one-on-one conversations with customers and with partners we have a smaller group of customers that are.

Actually willing to giving us feedback and we send them short polls once a month like we’re gonna change a product name what do you think about this list and the answer or how is your experience would support and sure 3/4 list and the answer and we have survey programs which is what I’m gonna speak mostly today we have four survey programs we have partners surveyed relationships customer relationship product service product.

Service satisfaction and we have support and services satisfaction survey we take all these results and divide them try to structure the data as much as possible some.

Of the various quantitive some of the data is quality which are the comments the sentiment and and the actual feeling and we try to put it together.

To Telus story on how can we improve support or how can we improve the easy of use of a product and this is a quote from Pat.

Gallagher Pat is the CEO of the company he actually cares so much about the customer experience that if that make us different that he actually included NPS in in the company goals which NPS I’m gonna talk a little bit later today but having the endorsement of executives have.
An endorsement of the VP’s of each one of the business units is what really.

Makes a CX program successful and how do we do it well we have the Veda to prove that it works Net Promoter Score who here is familiar with Net Promoter Score good right I have to explain a lot for.

The ones that are not that familiar this metric was born around 2003 in Harvard Business University and it is it was presented like the one metric that.

To grow and this this number represents loyalty and it is calculated by this question how likely are you to recommend our product or service to a friend or a colleague and it gives a scale from zero to ten in which zero and.

Six from zero to six answers are considered detractors seven and eight are considered passives and nine and ten are considered promoters for the NPS it.

Is the percentage of promoters minus the percentage of detractors and it gives us a whole number that goes from minus one hundred to one hundred so if the NPS of a company is between 0 and 25 it is pretty good from 25 to 50 it is a really really good number and about 50.

S excellent number so why is this number important and and and is it is not an industry standard we have figured that promoters actually in our company is spent.

Twice as much product and services than detractors you are able to do those calculations by triangulating the data with bookings or revenue data that you have in your warehouses this is where we at are at VMware.


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