Good morning USA I am so happy in so estatic well first of all shout – Jonah Hill he sent me a little skateboard now if you don’t know he sent me a skateboard it’s a small ski you can’t fit on that no it’s it’s what it like the little matchbox sized skateboards I used that played with as a.

Kid now I’m an only child so as an only child I would play with my toys for hours by myself with my mom and dad like you could sit in your room and play by yourself and yes I could so when I.

Got this gig when I’ve been playing with it all morning it made me feel like I’m back with a little kid and everybody’s been looking at me like I’m crazy but I love Dee like I enjoy myself no I said I enjoy these toys.

And I enjoy playing with myself I enjoy playing with yourself candy to send you some stuff so you can really enjoy the toys and playing by yourself see you play too much well thank you Jeff I’m.

Enjoying my skate boys it’s just too much in the morning we shop and also shout to my wife for some strange reason she married you doing that industry haven’t figured that one out you know we want another child you know and this will be six don’t tell me she’s pregnant again is she really I don’t know I’ve been shooting the club of every night so I’m hoping she is pregnant like my aim is pretty good every time you.

Say this is it I know I only said that three kids ago you’re like only wanted two kids I said I want a boy and a girl and then you got that early I got that early but it’s fun I.

Wait like I enjoyed it keeps me I love going to the games I love going to the school I love teaching I love them teaching me I know I work out with my son every night he puts me on to whatever he’s listening to that’s new that I might not know and we just have great.
Conversations my daughter is driving down so she’s driving me.

Around I love kids I love family.

I love a big family so maybe I’m an only child but only.

One day they have a way for real soon I know that there are men that can get pregnant I would love for you to be pregnant I don’t want to be what would the baby come out of you know what come on my butt no no baby but you know I’m enjoying life.
And hopefully you should too.

It’s getting colder the holiday seasons are coming up Halloween is next week I haven’t got my costume you have you know I don’t know what I’m planning to do I don’t know if I’m really doing anything on Halloween guys I might do is we have a juice bar and I know a lot of kids are gonna come there so I was thinking I might have everybody dress up there and then give away some stuff at the juice bar but we got to give away a healthy candy healthy.

Candy all right I don’t know what healthy candy is candy somebody I don’t Ganic stuff it’s just they just put our Jannik on and I feel sometimes I mean it looks good okay yeah but if you’re out there you know please just a following you have fun enjoy you don’t get to the point me like I’m not dressing up know what no enjoy man dress up have fun life.

Is short a lot of pressure for Halloween too because everybody I want to have the best costume that you know I’m.

Just gonna throw a sheet over my head and come in cut two holes in clueless plan what.


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