Conservation groups see the day as an opportunity to introduce new hunters to this traditional activity it’s also a day to be set aside to spend time with family and friends in the outdoors but there are also some additional benefits well sure it goes back to speaking about heritage about hunting and in the province of Alberta and it’s a.

It’s a day to set aside with family and friends and spend.

The day hunting it’s a great opportunity being a free opportunity to introduce new.

Hunters youth take people that are into this new movement about feeding yourselves and getting local and stuff like that not to say nothing about the nutritional value.

Of harvested meat and stuff like that so it’s a great day to celebrate cultural heritage of hunting and fishing wait okay right on right on hunting.

Numbers are still relatively strong in Alberta especially when compared to.

Other parts of the country it’s one of the only jurisdictions in Canada that’s actually growing in overall numbers that.

Be instead we still have a large under utilization or under participation.

That we could you know get more people involved for sure local AFG a clubs will be hosting special events across the province as well the.

Alberta hunter education instructors Association will be putting on a special event out at Alfred Lake to introduce.
Families to a number of outdoor activities associated with Hunter you..


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