What is going on fellow fans of clash of clans it is your host gala Don and today a follow-up video to yesterday’s critically acclaimed somewhat controversial episode talking about five things that players do or did that have broken the spirit of clash of clans and I wanted to specifically address one of these if you guys missed yesterday’s video.

Make sure you go check it out the link is in the description and yeah.

So it garnered somewhat of a polarized response now you know we.

Talked about engineering we talked about Town Hall sniping talked about a lot of things that don’t exist in the game anymore but at the same time we also brought up FWA and.

FWA here’s the thing I agree with the comments that say it doesn’t harm anybody and I also agree with the comments that it’s completely Fairplay there’s nothing wrong about FWA how ever it’s possible that supercell probably doesn’t really want FWA talked about because it this is the thing that I talked about in yesterday’s video.

Against the fact that the things in that video were pretty much things that the.

Supercell team did not either a anticipate or be want players to be doing for whatever reason you know clan war is designed to be this competition where you’re trying to beat the opposing clan.

See a bunch of players who go dad we’re not going to compete we just want to get.

As much loot as we can and it’s completely legal to do that but again the clash of.

Clans team did not design clan wars simply for players to maximize their loot of course they could prevent this from happening through a.

Lot of different ways it is difficult to do it but you.

Know the FWA Alliance has gotten really good at this they’ve got web pages they have massive rules I will show some of them on the screen again you guys I’m not against this if I were.

Against this I wouldn’t be here making it more public letting other people know about it okay it exists in the game it’s not an exploit it’s not a violation of the Terms.

Of Service and honestly like some people said on Twitter I it shows how ingenious people can be because if you’ve got a specific.

Goal and you trying to work around the conventions of.

A game or rules and achieve that goal then this.

Is great this is a testament to people’s imagination and creativity okay so in that regard I think it’s great and again I don’t think that FWA is a four-letter word I do not I think it’s completely legal and it doesn’t.

Really harm other clans obviously FWA clans work.

To match each other but if they accidentally for some reason match a serious hardcore war clan that.

Is focused on their record then great the war clans probably going to get a win and the FWA clan faces whatever they do I’m sure they do their best just to maximize loot but it won’t be the free almost effortless loot now I I probably shouldn’t say effortless because.

If you’ve looked at the list of rules that these guys have I mean its elaborate they go down to the exact base design and the layouts and when you’re gonna roll and all these penalties for doing things and when which clan is going to win and that.


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