Hey guys orders 25 here and welcome to another episode of does it work or today we’re gonna go ahead and take a look at this little guy right here which is a USB Bluetooth 2 3.5 millimeter jack adapter is pretty much the best way I can come up with the name for this thing so anyway what this thing.

Does is it turns any device that you’re getting audio from the 3.

Jack to two Bluetooth which is really nice now the reason I bought this is for my car but this has many different applications including tablet.

PCs computers PSP smartphone speakers and pretty much anything else that you could possibly think of that requires a 3.
Millimeter audio jack so if we flip this thing over on the.

Back here we can see that it’s the latest Bluetooth 4.

0 technology which by now is pretty much Bluetooth 5.

2 now or something but whatever just.

For audio this is perfectly fine pretty much everything else on the back it’s just kind of lean Oh Chinese 4 oh yeah it works with everything down here we can see that the power supply which is not included you need a 5 volt power source for the Bluetooth a.5 millimeter audio jack and pretty much that’s it so like I said I’m gonna go demonstrate this in the car in a minute but just as another quick example open this up here and throw this out so this is the audio jack for 3.

Should all be familiar with this is what you plug in your you know cell phones to get the audio into your car normally but so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna.

Take this and and plug it into a USB so that this gets power this gets plugged into this and this gets plugged into whatever device you normally try to get the audio into so let’s say this goes into your car this is gonna be connected to your phone so your phone is.

Gonna send the audio to this this is gonna send the audio down this cable and it’s going to send the audio into the.

Car or whatever device you want now that doesn’t have an application for car obviously so if you had a wireless audio system in your house that doesn’t have.

Bluetooth but does have a 3.5 millimeter in and you want to make a Bluetooth go ahead and just get yourself one of these standard USB wall chargers for your phones you’re gonna.

Go ahead and just plug the USB in the Bluetooth adapter into the wall charger plug this into the wall and then plug this into your stereo system and then all you’re gonna do.

Is you’re gonna take your phone you’re gonna connect the phone to the Bluetooth device and then boom you got a wireless audio system so anyway I’m gonna go ahead and take this out to the car and I’ll show you how to hook it up in most standard cars mine being an example of the 2000 Honda Civic with an aftermarket radio in it so I’ll see you guys in a second so now that we’re inside my car this is my radio as you can see I have.5 millimeter audio jack which goes to this which normally you would plug directly under your phone and then the phone would send the audio into the radio like that but I want to make this bluetooth so that I have.

Less wires on my car so the first thing you’re gonna need to do is obviously have.


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