What is up ninjas in the last couple of videos I woke up in a mysterious hospital all by myself and I found my way into this strange classroom where I found my cell phone laying here plugged into this laptop it looked like somebody was trying to hack into my phone and I noticed there’s a bunch of text messages.

On it sent to V I did not send these text messages I don’t know who did they’re trying to pretend they’re me they’re trying to trick V so I’m gonna text message her right now to let.

Her know that this really is me IV this is Chad I’m gonna see this laptop here and see what they were trying to do with my phone what they were trying to hack into check this out guys it’s gonna take a look definitely some sort of hacking.

Program going on here there looks like they’re running scripts and they were trying to download information from my phone yeah actually looks like they got a bunch of information off my phone I see a history.

Of a lot of my text messages here but the times that they were sent a bunch of my picture files I can see the names of the files and it looks like it’s still scanning.
Here maybe it’s uploading my files to the.

Internet or something I’m not sure oh I just got a text message hopefully it’s.

V I check it out oh so she wants to know our wedding date yeah she wants me to prove that it really is me I guess she figured out that it wasn’t me before so I’ll type July 31st only me and her know that and a few other people so the hacker wouldn’t know that date I wouldn’t think and I’m gonna tell her what my current location is so I’m.

Gonna pull up Google Maps and get the coordinates of my locations here I hope she believes it’s me all right guys I am gonna try to hack into their computer into their system and see if I can get into their files guys give me a thumbs up right now if you want me to try to hack into the hackers computer alright.

Let’s see a little bit rusty at this whoa-oh-oh this light just came out right up here man oh.

Sure are the hackers watching me now do they do they know that I’m here did they see that I was trying to hack into their computer man you guys hear that coming from the door there’s something that’s almost trying to.

Get in here guys who is that the hacker cases it the hackers the hacker trainee get in here what if it’s like a big group of hackers out there even maybe maybe it’s V though because I did send via the coordinates so it.

Could either be V or it could be the hacker just I think they both know where I am now I’m gonna give vir a secret.

Not and see if she responds I think it’s B what happened the last thing I remember was I was swimming in the pond that’s the last time I saw you I.

Thought you would get sucked down by the pond monster so I’ve been following like the pipe the drainage pipe yeah to find you oh and it someone started texting me and.

I thought it was you she thought it was me yeah I saw all those old text messages on my phone I think I didn’t send these text messages they lure me into this prison and I was trapped by prison yeah they trapped me there and.

For a second I thought it was you I thought they turned you oh you thought I trapped you in a prison but like it was really weird because it didn’t sound like you you know the.

Texting like you would text me all this weird stuff so what.

Is this place looks like a school or a classroom I think we should try to find things as quickly as possible because I’m a little bit worried that the hackers know that I’m here because when I was on the computer.
The green light turned on for the camera so I think they saw me.

There’s a chalkboard right here with a bunch of weird words I don’t know what maybe you guys know what these mean or B maybe you know what these means we’ve got men Dax dark Dante I know what gigabyte is yeah yeah and Captain Crunch that’s a cereal and crunchy out and then Joey bubbles sounds like a bath bubble bran or something maybe lava juice something about guava juice cuz.

Lot of baths huh yeah I don’t know so maybe if you ninjas know what any of these words are if you recognize them what they are leave a comment down below help us out there might be some clues about what’s going on here in this classroom oh this is a flag and whatever anything behind it whoa door the.

Door you guys let’s do it what it’s locked okay all right maybe maybe we’ll find a key if we keep looking around oh there’s a map here Chad oh they were learning but yeah oh.

No there not learning about geography why how do you know because there’s all these triangles here Oh triangles we keep finding these triangles they’re everywhere and oh my gosh look there’s one on Minnesota right where we’re from st.
Paul Minnesota okay and then there’s one okay this.

Is right here this is Washington DC yeah Washington DC’s right here we were like just there.

Yeah we’re at the shearers house and look there’s some more there’s one over here on Los Angeles lots of youtubers live in Los Angeles and Utah yeah Utah we know a lot of people.

From Utah to a lot of youtubers Carl and ginger lived there so why are all these triangles we’re a bunch of youtubers live I’m gonna take a picture of this just enjoy all right.

Check can you move your head so I did take the full picture cool I’m gonna take a few of them that dormant right.

Now it’s inside the hackers name be it’s almost trying to get in here to track it in this door here so pretend the window I don’t see him anymore y’all over here let’s look through this drawer here there’s some clues in the drawer.

I look through these drawers right here move it says see no no I’m gonna put this.

On the desk for right now maybe we’ll find more clues so this clock I don’t think this is the right time is it so I think this times way.

Off so that’s kind of interesting like why would the clock be AHA oh there’s another clock here huh is this the right time that one’s not even working there’s nests that moving why it was like two classroom clocks that’s where they keep you.
In time in two different ways yeah but if this.

One’s not even working that’s kind of weird there’s a globe.

Here Oh is there oh is that it sound like an earthquake or shifting.

Plate tectonics or something right there a secret clue in here oh what’s in there you see I don’t let me see it’s pretty dark can you shine your flashlight on there all right got my I.


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