Hey what’s up warriors today I have your website this can allow you to make money by listening to music so I’m going to show you how you can make at least $1.00 to $12 per every song that you listen to if you’d like to make money by listen to music go ahead and type in the word song in.

The comment section of this video as you’ve heard in my past videos I told you that the age of digital marketing is coming into effect right now and a lot of ways of.

Making traditional you know income every day is pretty much dying out you know you see companies closing down left or right and so like there’s a lot more jobs that are coming out online and also opportunities to build your own business are coming more prevalent.

And more easy to access nowadays so as I do I do a lot of research finding different programs that you guys can make money with that is legit and actually you know obviously something that you can use day to day or in a crunch time period or if you need extra dollars or if you need investment.

Money into something like a low entry program these are the types of website that you can use and so today what I’m going to do is I’m going to share with you on the computer exactly what that looks like how you can start implementing today to make money by listening to the music $1 to $12 per song all right so before we going over to the website I’m going to share with you on how you can actually make money by listening to songs I’m.

Going to break down exactly with how this works okay I’m just trying to give you a better diagram of how it all works before heading on over to the website so the first portion here is you okay and I’m just might like draw lines for signifying you know you guys out there wanting to get in on this deal you know making.

Money with listen to songs so you go on over to this website and you become what is called a curator okay and a curator is a person that actually you know watches.

The content on this site okay and so what happens is although you’re a part of this site and you’re contributing by watching or listening to these songs there’s also another section where there are artists who submit.

Their work or their playlists okay.

The music and Eddie’s wanted to get curated they want these songs to be you know put inside playlists and to get views okay and ultimately to build their brand up so these artists are the ones that are bringing money into the marketplace and.

That’s how you’re getting paid it you know a small portion of you know whatever their campaign cost was to get inside of this song the site and participate so that’s exactly in essence what happens they pay through PayPal okay so that’s what you can expect from them and so let’s go and hop on over to.
The website here so this is exactly what it looks like playlists.

Push calm okay and if you go on over to this website and you go to four curators this is where you’re going to find the information about getting paid from this.

Program so if you can see here they pay per review they pay weekly payouts to as well to PayPal support artists discovery new discovery of new music so you get pay to review these songs that these artists actually played so I had this market here so that’s anywhere between $1 to $12 you know per song as you can see right here says you can earn up to $12 per song but the lowest amount is about $12 per sign now there is another side of this.

Program and and the thing is like if you want to refer people in who would like to you set up any type of campaign with them like local artists or something like that maybe you’re in in a niche where you have a lot of artists.

That follow you and this would be a awesome program for you to use because they pay you 15 to 15 up to $250 I believe.

Per campaign that your referrals actually set up through your links so that’s the cool thing about that is that they do have our affiliate program for the artists side of things if you want to refer artists in in the endosome in this program in order to get visibility out there in the market okay and so this is basically it no this is in a nutshell exactly what this is all about okay making money by listening to music in.

The name of this website again is playlist push calm you can go on head on over there don’t forget.

To click the step says for curators and you can take a look here even when you sign up you can see the the there are qualifications that you need to have in place in order to use playlist push.

In order to make new money off of the songs and that is that you got to have 400 spotify.

Followers and so that’s the only stipulation with this website so or the aha moment oh they the catch mom is that you do have to have followers on your Spotify account in order to our.

Getting paid okay and you have this nice little tracking back in office it will tell you you know how long you need before you hit the goal so you can start getting paid and so that’s I guess that’s like part of the deal for them to bring more people into the market.

You know listening to these playlists so they can increase the amount of viewers that get to these artists you know their content stuff so by us doing our part in getting.

You know bringing people followers onto the platform you know it allows the you know everybody in the program to make more money and for it to be.

More consistent so that’s my taking that’s my spiel on this website if you want to go ahead and check it out it’s going over to playlist push calm and go ahead and give it a go if you haven’t already go ahead subscribe to this YouTube channel I come out with new videos pretty much every single day sharing with you the latest things that allow you to make money online and the latest.

Strategies on how to advertise your business then are you right here at you’re here at the right place if you want to learn any of those things so go ahead and subscribe to his.

YouTube channel anyways what that being said you guys take care and I’ll definitely see.


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