What’s up guys crane here from logic lounge comment is time for our aviation facts video today we’ll be talking all about airport markings yes those lines painted on the ground at airports actually means something every single one of them means something we’ll be doing a brief overview on a lot of the major markings so you can identify them.

The next time you’re at an airport and kind of show off to your friends and family on.

What you know about airports this is a fun little thing to see and to see how the airport actually works dependent on these lines because these lines are actually the bread-and-butter when it.

Comes to moving around the airport so it pays special attention to keep those lines up-to-date as well as keeping to those lines so first off let’s start.

Here at the gate you see that there’s a red and white line edged out on the outskirts of this gate basically this means this is the gate itself you cannot.
Cross this red line here without some sort of.

Permission whether you’re working on the aircraft whether you’re authorized to be in there if you go past.

That line that is the danger zone unless you know what you’re doing because there could be a live playing with live engines that could suck you up and tear you apart.

And that is something that you probably don’t want to happen so it is a line that outlines the gate for ground staff to be very wary of when they are working around aircraft now you also notice this long yellow line this is the gates center line this is the line that aircraft actually want to line up with when they’re taxing into the gate that will get them.

At a good distance to attach to the skybridge so that it can come out doesn’t have to overextend itself you’ll also notice that there are hash marks these hash marks are labeled with the type codes of different aircraft.
The one that we have here is an Airbus a320 so it is lined up right.

Here with the Airbus a320 marking this makes it so that the plane is not too far away from the skybridge and you see that there’s different markings here and there could be more there could be less dependent upon on the airport so.

This is not a definitive thing that every airport has this but there will be most of these lines here depending on what kind of gate is is so let’s start moving out from the gate here and look at.

Other things we’re coming out from the gate let’s pretend we’re pushing back here and we notice that there’s a lot of other markings here first off of course you actually have the labeled gate so we are at gate.

S15 and that is gate s15 so it is labeled clearly there for aircraft to identify where they need to.

Pull in at you also notice some yellow hash marks here those are kind of keep clear zones don’t park anything in those zones those are what those.

Mean and then we’ll come out here of course this is painted up just like a road right here this is actually an airport road so it’s left of course right of course with the dashed line so it’s just like driving down a.

Normal road it is vitally important that you keep to the lines of.

This road plus you yield to all oncoming aircraft as they don’t have the best of brakes and some things may happen including your.


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