Hello everyone and we are back in the kitchen this is probably the most done up I’ve ever been when doing the dishes today I’m going to be testing out some more stuff from which and this time we’re testing out organization stuff and also cleaning things hence the gloves I bought a bunch of stuff off of whish probably like.

Three months ago and it’s finally I’ll come in so I thought I would sit down with you.

Guys and share the ones that are good and the ones that are not so much but I hope you guys find this video helpful and without further ado let’s get into this and.

We’re gonna start with this guy this is supposed to be a silicone sponge that you can use to clean up your dishes what do you think it’s a really cool idea because I usually use like these sponges and I have to get rid of them over time because.

They just they go back but this you could disinfect it you can continue to reuse it so I wanted to give it a shot we’re gonna test it out on this.

Pile of dishes here we’re just gonna see if it does the job I mean this one is pretty easy because most.

Of the food wasn’t like stuck on to it you know but it is it is doing the job it is cleaning things up let’s do one that hasn’t been soaking in water so this one has been sitting out on the stove for a little bit and it just had passed in it.

Of stuff but that stuff like the pasta water when it dries down it does tend to stick to the inside of the pots so let’s see if this kind of brings it all up so note to self if you start scrubbing hard it may fly out of your hands the more soap you.

Use the more slippery it becomes and it just kind of like slips out all over the place and it’s harder to.

I don’t know it’s not my favorite it does the job like it is cleaning this pot but it’s a little bit more.

Difficult to use than say a sponge but if you like the fact that you can just keep reusing it you don’t have to keep buying replacement sponges and things like that I think it’s.

Good it’s just a little bit difficult to get used to all right let’s move on to the next one next we’re gonna be testing out something that’s more of an organization element so something you can put into your cupboards as well like these little things it has hooks on it so this is designed.

For mugs but you could probably use it for like a whole bunch of different things too so I wanted to see if it was actually going to.

Fit onto the Shelf if it held up a lot.

Of the mugs and just like how.

Easy it was to use you know put it on to the shelf it’s just like all my mugs are way up here what nope that’s gonna fall big.

Huge handles on my mugs no bueno alright let’s try this one okay that’s better not great though okay this was a dilemma I.

Was not expecting I thought oh maybe it’s not gonna fit onto the shelf but no no it’s the actual hooks that are the issue okay here’s a pretty little like this is a standard mug like this should fit and it does but like I’m not confident here we need to zoom it you guys can see here like it’s just sort of balance and kind of here and I feel like if I was to like go back to.

Grab a different mug I wouldn’t feel confident that this much space is gonna hold this properly so this is actually a big ol bust also it’s like really loose and yeah no definitely not next time we’re gonna be testing out something that is much needed in my life and that is one of those little.

Cleaner vacuum things for your keyboard and basically all you do is you just plug it in to the computer so this is like a desktop for editing and stuff like that if you couldn’t already tell look at that there’s me hello so all you do is you connect it to the computer and then it’s post to my guest vacuum.

Everything up so we’re try this oh no is that like an on switch or something for this anywhere I don’t understand how it’s supposed to turn on oh it just turns on that is not a lot of suction.

It doesn’t clean up those little things like around my keyboard but this thing is too big but they do have a brush so let’s see if the brush works.

Like it’s getting a lot onto the brush but it doesn’t seem to be like actually getting it.

And like where does it go so that is where it would all go and I guess then you could empty it which makes.

Sense it’s just the suction on this is not enough to actually get anything from the keyboards of.
This is a bus the next hack we’re actually going out to my car and.

The first one I actually have been testing out for a while because.

It arrived early and it’s one of these things that you put in between the seats and this one in particular does not work it just keeps like falling down and then it gets stuck between the seats it looks.

Cute but not good for my car and then the next one that I just got is one of these things that you can put your phone in I always lose my.
Phone in the car so I think what.

It’s supposed to do is supposed to clip onto the little vents here and has like a little clip thingy so let’s see if it works by the way do you like how do I constantly get makeup all over my pants.

Start my life I had to literally look up how this thing is supposed to actually sit in the car and it’s supposed to hook on to there like this little hook here I thought it was supposed to go onto the vents but no I think it’s supposed to go in here but like my car doesn’t have any space on it okay let’s try Christopher’s same thing I have no idea where this.

Under this vent thing oh I think I got it oh my gosh I got it now I have to not film so I can fit my phone in verdict is positive it actually does stay in the in this little thing it doesn’t like come off its like stuck on there which is nice it doesn’t block too much of the vent like this actually.

Works and it doesn’t look ugly either it like blends into the rest of the car.

Alright this is like the best thing I found thus far out of wish and that’s not least welcome to my shower I have two different things in here because there as.

You can see all my walls are basically like except Chris has little box over here that I tend to like houses of my stuff inside thought well.

I kind of need a basket of my own so my little wish so I have two different things that I want to test out one is this basket for the corner so basically the way supposed to work is you kind of like stick it wait think like this and like clip it in I tend flip and basically I’m going to stick it to the wall and then twist these to make sure that the suction is on and then I have.

One more piece that I want to stick to the wall this does require some pressure you just.

Turn it to make it work all right now let’s fill it with some stuff practically holds a lot that’s impressive so I’m gonna leave it at max capacity for now and just see how it does with that and then the next one is for holding razors and my razor is either it’s on the floor which is not good or it’s and Christopher’s basket so I thought I’d get my own little little sling right.

Here and this one has a sticker and then sort of like a silicon enos to the other side so I’m assuming that the.

Sticker goes on this and then it goes on to the wall oh I think it’s two stickers hang on yeah it is two stickers oh I’m glad I check that and then I’m just going to mount it to the wall and now to put my razor on it boom so I feel like we had some successes mostly failures but that seems to be my experience with wish what if you guys tried from wish anything that.

You would recommend me try out.

And buy it that’s actually like worth all of the cost time and shipping let me know in the comments.

Don’t forget to subscribe and check out the videos over on the screen actually might let.

Me actually on the side if you’re interested in more decluttered testing of wish products you check that the last batter I did which was all kitchen gadgets and that’s everything I hope you guys are having an awesome awesome weekend and I will see you guys all in my next video love you all na.


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