Of this magnitude the number one urban news channel my magnums was good sown some more cardi B news cardi B can just seem to get it through her head that she is now a celebrity that she is a star matter of fact she’s a superstar so there’s always gonna be paparazzi and the cuts wanted to catch her slipping.

Ready to take pictures and of course you know posted on social media it’s just what’s gonna.

Happen that’s just what it is it cuz the price of fame it comes with the territory she’s always seems to go online and it feels the need to be ranting and bitching and just complaining about any other thing I.

Can say deal yeah be on my dick so heavy get off.

My Zig what day cardi this the dick that I have in my dresser that is pink with glitter on it and the other thing that I had that is nice and brown and big off said day cuz that’s my dick so as she was leaving the coat and sneaker giveaway for kids.
In Marlborough houses in Brooklyn.

She felt the need to roll down the window of the SUV that she was in and just started going on a rant and cussing the paparazzi.

Out telling me to fuck off to leave her alone and a whole bunch of foolishness I’m like girl if you don’t get the fuck on and roll that window up and just.

Let them do their fucking job and you do your job and just be a celebrity and look cute.

I mean what’s the whole point of doing all that there is motherfucker in the range photo the black one right there can you we get closer so we could get his driver license yeah there’s a TMZ right here and it’s like you already got many pictures of me love look look fuck you following me fuck you following me like party seriously.

Get the fuck over it you are a celebrity or a star this is what you grind it for this is what you prayed for this is what you wish for this is.

Why you went on living hip hop.

In the first place to gain clout and.

You know kudos to her because she actually managed to make a whole career from it and actually now.
On her way to building an empire because she’s.

You know getting endorsements and doing her thing she’s single-handedly not right now at this moment it’s the reason why you see a lot of these IG thoughts a lot of these IG models a lot of these girls going on love.

And hip-hop and all these other reality shows to gain clout in.

Or notoriety it’s because the carnaby cardi B has become an inspiration to the typical chick at the strip club that now one thinks that you know she.

Doesn’t happen she doesn’t need any talent all.

She gotta do is use her looks use their body use the fat ass and whatever other connects they can to get put on I mean let’s face it talent I mean what talent nowadays you don’t even need to tell you just need a huge following or find a way to get a huge following in social media you get your body done cuz of a half of.

These chicks don’t even work out they just go pay for plastic surgery gets fake titties gets a hips fake ass fake nose fake hair fake whatever and that’s all and they’re good to go so cardi B if anything just be grateful be thankful you have a lot of these chicks looking up to you a lot of these chicks they want to be like you or better than you so just accept the fact that you have been blessed cuz keep on complaining and you just might lose all.

The blessings that you have but anyhow I am done make sure you leave a comment underneath this video let me know your opinions your thoughts I mean should these celebrities feel a sense of entitlement to complain about being a celebrity even though that’s what they sign up for and that’s what they wanted in the first place or should the.

Paparazzi respect their privacy or lack of their oath but anyway.

I’ve had so next time make sure you comment make sure you like click the subscribe button share if you wish this is Bella for Opus magnet TV and catch you later neither real what’s its other people out there that thank you for supporting me and if you don’t suck my dick and I know you think because.

I’m a woman have a dick but I have a pink dildo in my dresser opus Magnum is the number.

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