No reason that you should be do and today we’re gonna be Carly me any already beeping us we need to be quiet cardi B and Hardy wrap on rapper photos yearbook pictures aren’t even seeing hardly could it was kind of a done though so yeah we’re gonna be right to say rapid is your book photos and all the.

Extra stuff yeah if it hasn’t been a minute since I post it really could really even close in on one sin but look I’ll be posted.

Be taking down long videos like that clever video that excess X video are Pierre’s boat but like why do you think you got my video for you like what it’s real play.

Blues my favorite rap artists breath like well my favorite news on fairy I don’t know you one member out of my favorite rapper.

And that’s obviously like Indian you.

I won’t take down my video Glee I got for.

You I’m gonna say that my video man look Brock all I gotta say super Daman came back i’m reactor.
Yearbook photo so they can’t.

Take this one down right I don’t think he can take you the one now well you look go ahead react to the door alright let’s go ahead six and I’m withholding tattoos they’re lucky you got sweaty kindergarten this I did pretty sure you know you guys were teaching a garden not to be.

Sweet no I don’t know what one is she looked like how do you feel great because no you looked it gotta be fake great birth because he looks this monk I mean so you look a little older than kindergarten well Farideh she’s nine that’s how we got to.

Be really different without the tattoos gonna look different but then he talked about a great doctor like you Susan I need to go back to school if anything then it I talk about eighth grade but I’m.

Right first I thought that was believe it all the photo Brown Tyler the Creator Tyler Gregory ain’t tight.

Ain’t and I’ll see why you got he gets actual sound you look weird like if you look we’re don’t know you want thanks I’m not even trying to be judgmental where you I think you sound like the same why would I hold is that they say al iJustine so this the.

Inspired by his cousin that’s hard it’s a sort of wrapping and start getting to change the gold chains no money all the extra stuff and now he talking about peaceful enjoy it all that stuff see I respect a koto cuz you girlie just feel really.

Smart if you think about it so is he not on a little old.

Stuff that old living that the young represent like young represent not being smart right now like they’ll do something dumb stuff spending a lot of money on some journey I mean you could have saved all.

That money in like imagine if you go you got like a look like you violet you got a mama right families and like.

Imagine if you fall off and you’re not getting this way you’re not getting me so.

That it used to they just think I’m just trying to think about stuff like that you got to think about stuff in a long-term be fake you can’t just look at something like that there 0:07 she went between I went.

This how good name name that’s a.

Soccer net for I don’t go to street which I already rick ross was skinny but i meani trying to be funny but i need a notary cross the skinny at one point of.


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