Well there’s a small army in Guilford County hitting the streets to tackle a major issue hunger since 2015 a simple gesture has collected food and distributed to local food pantries that work with schools the small acts of thousands of people are making a huge huge difference in the community foundation of greater Greensboro is helping a simple gestures mission.

Is to engage the entire community to end hunger in Greensboro High Point in Guilford County.

And that’s why twice a month you’ll see volunteers and staff members like Leslie Isikoff driving around our.

Community seto waited here picking up these green bags oh that’s good one full of donations and we ask that every time somebody goes to the grocery store they just pick up one item put it in their bag and then on.

The designated day which is every two months just leave it on their front porch and we have volunteers.

That drive around their neighborhood pick up the bag the donations are taken to nine food pantries most of it goes to children in the 95 participating Guilford County Schools and their families if a child is in school in class hungry and.

The only thing he’s thinking about is lunch he can’t wait to get to lunch because he’s hungry in a typical month a simple gesture collects 20 to 25,000 pounds of food here here’s four peanut butters from the more than 3,000 participating businesses and homes including woody Fowler’s it makes me feel good to pasta and we’ve got pasta sauce it makes me know that that that there are a lot of people who do care about those who are less fortunate or who have come in to unfortunate circumstances through no fault of their own a simple.

Gesture made possible thanks in part to the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro is proof.

That small acts together make a big difference and it’s just so fun to watch it’s kind of like a lives of the fishes every month if you want to learn more about.

The community foundations and the programs and organizations they support check out our website myfox9.


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