Pressures are here she said I failed a course in 2015 I met Popeye in one of the midweek services and Poppa declared of God in your colonics for two years and today she has a testimonial I said it hasn’t me praise the Lord in 2015 I feel the curse at school so I came to meet papa I told.

Him everything that happened and he advised me he told me that a felony cost does not make you a failure but it gives you an opportunity to do bad stuff where you feel then you prayed one simple sentence pray I.
Said let it out of my head and said.

Go to help in your academics I went back I read the course again I had anything but that’s not the testimony at the end of my voyage I got it said top of my class what are you talking about someone failed it costs go the Lord help you academics when God up his brain to your brain first class is the results now anyone struggling anywhere here I am that same prophetic word upon your life go my god.
And your God shall help you in Jesus name give the Lord.

Another shout Oprah’s congratulations see mama tomorrow drama for.

You cap is Linda like that yes I get to church when.

Believe you gotta Habakkuk giving the innovations results in a living God for a visa when five dollar applied and alcohol of course.

I was accepted Meira Kumar submission with scholarship somebody shot breath through less than one song and scatter displace is God not worthy of.


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