Let’s see what we got we got every single yutz card you can possibly think of right here in this freaking video guides oh we got him we got a last edit oh we got him what was good everybody charcoal here back at it again with another video now in today’s video everybody we got something absolutely crazy and strange.

That we’re gonna be opening up because that is all we ever do on this channel we open up the weirdest things but we also open up some exciting products on this channel now with that being said guys I got a couple things I want to tell you first.

And foremost got the dragon Majesty playmat on deck now I don’t want to sound like a hater but I wish Dragon Knight and Charizard weren’t on the center of attention I kind of wish it was rest you RAM.

And kirim on the front but that’s just my personal preference because that all comes down to you know my favorite Pokemon.

And whatnot but guys I am gonna be making some drastic changes.

Onto the channel don’t worry it’s still gonna be all about Pokemon but I’m basically gonna be bringing back older series and I’m.

Also gonna be bringing brand new series but before all of that goes down I got a bunch of things coming in the mail brand new product.

Lost thunder we’re gonna go ahead.

And open all of that up first and then we’re gonna go ahead and roll out.

You know this brand new path of the channel so hopefully you guys are excited and hopefully you guys are on board with your boy with that being said guys if you are excited for today’s video make sure you guys smash that like button also don’t forget to subscribe enjoin the go army and welcome and also one.

More thing if you guys want to be featured in a video all you gotta do is comment anything you want down below with the.

Hashtag cool army and you could be featured in a video like these individuals that you see right here on the screen now enough blabbering let’s go ahead and see what we’re gonna be opening up in today’s video now right in front of me apparently I have some hundred pieces TCG ax card boxes now believe it or not I actually.

Got these from a card shop online from eBay obviously but it’s a card shop that sells legit products and a apparently they have this on their storefront which is actually pretty.

Weird because I’ve never seen a card shop sell I don’t even know these are fake.

Pokemon cards I paid like around $10 apiece I got one two and three everybody literally three boxes that say 100 pieces of e.x cards so this is gonna be crazy guys this is gonna be crazy let’s go ahead and take a look at one of these boxes now it looks like it does have you know the play trainer that they have for the TCG I don’t know the official name of this.

Honestly like I am a noob when it comes to the TCG knowledge you fill me the only thing I really know about the TCG.

Are the trending cards that are playable and sometimes I’m really good with prices as well like I dunno the.

Prices of my cards so you know that’s actually a pretty good perk to have you fill me.

Especially when you’re trying to sell your collection when you’re trying to you know sell singles help somebody else out.

And stuff like that and speaking of selling pokemon cards if you guys check out my ebay down below there is a dramatic change on the ebay prices of my items i reduced everything by almost 40% so.
You know there’s some really really good deals on some really.

Really good products that I’m selling if you guys want to check that out link is in the description down below but that’s enough plugs guys that.
Is enough plugs let’s go ahead.

And flip this around we got the pokeball to the side actually all sides we have the pokeball design now let’s go ahead and see what’s in the bottom of.

This oh wait let’s get one of these okay so we got tea mystic instinct and valor now I have no idea why they have Pokemon go teams on a TCG box because the Pokemon go and the TCG are two whole different things but then again it’s all Pokemon so it’s all like.

One community put together which makes Pokemon absolutely amazing I honestly do dislike when a lot of people bash pokemon go like obviously I don’t play Pokemon go like that but I’m not gonna be like.

Yo that’s not a real Pokemon game or something like that you feel me because Pokemon let’s go Pikachu and Eevee I am excited and pumped for that and it’s mainly based around like Pokemon go as a few sparks of you know the traditional.

Pokemon games so it’s like you know one whole community coming together it’s like forming into one you feel me but that’s enough blabbering guys let’s just go ahead and open these up and let’s see what’s inside these before we open it up let me go ahead and tell you guys the question of the day and.

That question is what team are you rooting for or what team are you in team mystic team instinct or valor personally I.

Am obviously gonna be going with Moltres because I absolutely love Moltres now anybody can answer.

This question of the day you don’t have to like Pokemon go just think.

Of it as the legendary birds if you’re not into Pokemon go with that being said guys let’s go ahead and open up this bad boy and let’s just see what’s inside this box man because like I said I bought three of them and I am so first if I can even open this oh my oh my god I freaking hurt my finger and like went in my nail and you know it touched my skin off pause on that that sounded really wrong guys or it probably.

Only sounded wrong because I pointed it out and I.

Might have to get my scissors guys give me one second as soon as I set the one second I literally got it open so check that out guys out of the plastic you know we got the pokeball you can actually find this pokeball image on google so i don’t know what’s going on with this y’all let’s see how do you open this.

Open from the top it kind of looks like it does no it doesn’t how do you open this my guy oh it opens from the bottom I’m trippin I am tripping already guys.

Let’s see what it is let’s see what we got so obviously we got pokemon cards I was about to say pokemon cards for some reason I have no idea why my mom always says pokey man like I’m just like it’s.

Pokemon I don’t know I just really really don’t like it when people say pokey man obviously sometimes I say it but I only say it to troll you.


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