So initial impressions I gotta say that blue looks really good or is it coral now one of the things I was most excited for with the iPhone 10 are naturally was those iPhone 10 are wallpapers so here’s a look at all of them I will say one thing that really stood out is the aluminum sides and how they.

Are color matched to the phone is a really nice touch like it is super pretty so yeah the iPhone Ted R is cheaper than both the iPhone 10s and 10’s max but you’d be surprised at how many features they share.

They both feature the exact same 812 Bionic chip true tone displays face ID wireless charging dual SIM stereo speakers stereo recording portrait mode on both.

The rear and front facing cameras smart HDR 4k video up to 60 frames per second MIMO G an emoji and those are just to name a few now initial impressions on the display spoiler alerts aren’t nearly as bad as everyone made it out to be in fact it is actually surprisingly good now in a quick ly state that ppim.

Screen resolution are two completely different things so no it does not have the same resolution as the iPhone 4 in fact it is much higher at 1792 by 828 one thing that immediately stood out to me is how.

Bright this display is like it is crazy bright it’s accurate it’s vivid and yeah you can definitely tell as an LCD if you’re used to a Nolet but by no means is this.
The iPhone 10 R you do get tapped awake but one of.

The things you’re giving up in addition to OLED and screen resolution is 3d touch but thanks to iOS 12 you do get some sort of that functionality back so you can see in control center if I long press I’m actually getting some of that 3d touch like functionality it unfortunately does not work with apps you can see here if I long press I’m just getting the classic delete or move an app around option.

Though the fact that you do get some sort of that functionality and Control Center and more importantly on the lock screen to me is awesome next from there like I mentioned the iPhone 10 are features stereo speakers and just like the iPhone 10s and 10’s max they are really.

Good so between the speakers and the 812 Bionic chip you’re starting to see if you’re okay with an LCD display the iPhone 10 R is shaping up to be a really solid phone now as far as the cameras go on the back you have a.
Single lens system as opposed to the dual lens system on that 110 s.

But the good news is is that lens is the exact same wide-angle lens on the iPhone 10 s and like I mentioned you still get portrait mode.


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