Introducing Ninja 1500 watt food processor with nutri ninja and auto IQ three-in-one food processor jug blender and nutri ninja easy quickly create quick meals tasty snacks hearty soups and cool drinks with this three-in-one appliance complete with interchangeable food processing bowl blending jug and nutri ninja cups quick eight different speeds and settings save you time and effort including five.

Unique preset auto IQ programs to take all the guesswork out of food and drink prep delicious instantly blend healthy smoothies frozen cocktails and delicious drinks chop slice shred and break your way to tasty.

Dips sauces and even complete meals like burgers fish cakes and meatballs Auto IQ technology simply press one button and let OTO Ike’s unique pulse poss and blend patterns do the hard work for you precision food processor slice chop and blitz dips sauces soups meatballs fish cakes or need pizza bases cookies cakes and more high-performance blender use the generous 2.1 l blender jug and total crushing blades to quickly create tasty drinks desserts cocktails and more personal blender blending straight into.

Ninja travel cups with patented pro extractor blades it’s easy to make nutrient-rich single serve smoothies to take.

On-the-go box contains point 1 1 500 w power base 12.

8 L food processing bowl 1 feed chute lid 1x total crushing blade 1 chopping blade point 1 dough blade point 1 500 milliliters Triton Cup point one six hundred 50 milliliters Triton Cup one slicing shredding disc one grading disc and instruction book with 30 recipe for inspiration customer reviews oh sorry Minh says this is one of the best kitchen appliance I have ever bought the dough function.

Is absolutely fantastic as a Nigerian with my real pounded yam meal this product has.

To be marketed to the Africa Nigeria community for its pounded yam function si MC says I use this Lots for smoothies and chopping onions carrots etc for.

Soups and cooking I haven’t used the slicing blades for very fine dicing eg garlic it does leave larger pieces using cups for smoothie ingredients means you can just swap the blade for a lid and take straight with you I leave the base sitting on the worktop looks good doesn’t take up much space and really handy all.

The compartments can go into the dishwasher which is handy and fit wada says well well well where do I start I really love this entire blender I did a lot research before deciding on this product it’s not just satisfying my smoothies requirement but all my kitchen.

Needs be at making chutneys dough making everything.

It’s a versatile unit for your everyday needs which vitamix and blendtec can’t complete this.

Blender sitting on my kitchen countertop it looks adorable and just glorified my kitchen as I got some complements that from look-wise that look stunning as well however I order this product from Amazon UK when I was in Singapore where I find it much cheaper maybe since its India import duty are much higher than rest of the world do this import duties Indian.

People really miss some quality products at much affordable prices and end up with some cheap Chinese plastic blenders click the link in the description to.


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