Hey everyone its Lisa from TRW and in this video I’m actually gonna show you a quick tier W design wizard tutorial so one cool thing about TRW design wizard is it makes rhinestone fonts and Ryan some designing so easy so I’m going to show you real quickly how easy TRW rhinestone TrueType fonts work with InDesign wizard all right.

So here I am I am using CorelDraw I am using the.

Current version as of now which is 2018 now if you have X 6 and up then you’re.

Totally fine I am using 2018 so the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to type so let’s go over here to my text panel over here on the left we’re just gonna type out welcome so we have our text right here and now in our design wizard we’re gonna.

Click this little arrow right here for our text flyout now this has a lot of cool features in it we can do our uppercase lowercase.

So if I want this to be all uppercase I can go right here change that over let’s change that back to lowercase and a couple other different things in here now I am going to choose a rhinestone TrueType font now we have a lot of them and they are separated by size meaning once the holes are set to.

Rhinestones it’s off of how tall they are so I found one that I liked in here so I’m gonna go ahead and search tier.

W 805 and then I want the B version actually I want the B version up here so if you notice I just had RF + SF RF is this kind right here without boxes SF has these boxes.

Around it this is great for typing out alphabets and.

Templates because pretty much if we were to cut this out with our rhinestones right now we have one big piece of magic flock material and then we can’t use it anymore so we keep it like that if we do the little boxes we can get pieces together letters like a puzzle so right here we want to make sure this is set for the right size of our rhinestones so we are.

Going to use the top part of our wizard over here so I’m going to set.

This to s s 10 stones and then right here we’re going to go over and we’re going to resize our design with one click so we’re gonna set this s s 10 click this button and now my font.

Has changed so you can see it’s a little bit bigger and then I can click on an individual rhinestone so we have this.

To check right at the top and it says point it says point 1 3 or 1 3 0 which means this is size to the correct size so.

We’re all set over there and we’re pretty much ready to cut so I’m going to click this button right here convert back to font and so now I can go over and I can type this again it cool features so pretty much when we converted this over to rhinestones we basically converted it over to a bunch of circles and dots this button allows me to go back retype it change the font whatever I want so.

That’s a great feature in the wizard that I really like so I want to show you one more thing with rhinestones and that has to do with fonts that have multiple stone sizes in there okay so let me.

Go over here I’m gonna type into your w04 which this is one of my all-time favorite fonts I think it’s so pretty and I should probably you know choose it alright so we have my font right here we have it all set I’m gonna zoom while not su min but I’m gonna scale it up so you can see it so if i zoom in you’ll see it has different.
Sizes you have your SS 10 and your.

SS 6 so there’s a couple things that we have to kind of keep in mind if we go right here and resize your design with one click if we click on this it says not all stones are point one three inches would you like to replace stones so I’m.

Going to say yes spoiler alert you shouldn’t so let me go ahead and click yes so what.

It did is it took every single rhinestone in there and it changed it to an SS 10 rhinestone which is not what we want right we want some duty tens and some duty sixes so I just hit control Z to go back and if we click right here resize it not all stones are 0.13 would you like to replace stones no I do not so we do know so it still resized these rhinestones but it resized the SS six rhinestones in.

Proportion to the SS 10 so you can see here in my SS 10 stones point 1 3 and then right here point zero 9 7 so perfect so that is my really quick explanation on using rights.

On true type fonts and to your W design wizard now if you are a silhouette user you don’t have the wizard.

I will have a link in the description below on how to use these fonts using other software the great thing about this being a true type font is you can also utilize point sizes.

To create the font and the size that you need without using the wizard but as you can see with the wizard I don’t have to memorize any numbers and it’s just one click so.

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