Hey guys welcome back to imagination gaming it’s been a while since they did two games in a row I don’t usually out of this kind of time I am EXO a should be studying there we go that’s too oh why did it leave another fucking christ man oh yeah yeah yeah fuck you let’s see how much that ugly.

Son of a bitch can take not by choice sorry Rebecca levees electrical energy smart fucking trace me till he’s actually does not like a little use explosive gel to destroy the generator yes that’s what I’ve been doing fuck.

My movements just aren’t fast enough to dodge this kind of it’s just me okay open up fuckin did I get it mister why.

Can’t no oh Jesus right thank God that who’s fuckin suck man am i close fuck.

Man this would be so bad I stopped laughing and I didn’t fucking piece of shit oh my god I did it yes fuck you fuck I don’t know what.

If I was trying to get through it too fast or what but it just kept fucking wagon and we probably just finished Ronnie no you really can’t kill that bastard I’ve got much get am i doing that oh Jesus oh yeah ah No why did you fucking I’m to come where is.

That one okay fuckin fuckin fuckin cunt see like he hits the ground and the explosion goes in and this is hard enough without the fucking lag.

That keeps kicking in at random so that his explosions going out and I have to dodge it or it knocks me down and then he only does it when the Lightning’s coming down and the things.

Blow up so or when it’s not so I have to be dodging well fuck’s.

Sake this is heck you can throw it down I’m gonna get my that’s gonna blow yes one out Spellman tourniquet get all these bugs can you drop that down.

There we go two down okay last one that’s mine come on come on oh okay okay yes like fucking crazy like why is this that justice drawings just yeah fuck you fuck you so.

Good oh just you and me left this is seriously I just took a fuckin a mortal and now do you want to trick baby yeah that’s.

What a fucking die piece of shit it’s lucky fuck you oh my god luckily enough freeze enough regret what you did mr.
comment making movies okay the cure there.

Isn’t white perhaps I should elaborate creating an antidote to the disease that afflicts the flowers unfortunately it needs a restorative reforming and without the brakes down I suppose I’ve seen this before finding a suitable enzyme is not the only it needs to be adapt wandah that will take decades what if I told you I know a man has been exposed to that inside for centuries his name is racial bring all I need is a.

Sample of his blood Rachele guru is dead and you not exactly I need someone to tell me where the body is we can fimA you’re not worthy to speak the great racial ghoul who the.

Fuck is this check we’ve let your only hope escape no Victor if Rochelle Ghul is in Arkham City I now have a trail right to it all right so my Grundy let’s check him out real name Cyrus gold based in slaughter swamp height and weight varies Omegan comics number six you want to know he was actually pretty early on.

Alright so over a century ago murder Cyrus Gold’s not to escape justice by hiding in a slaughter swamp where he met a fate worse than death sorry mysterious forces are doomed the now immortal grunt lead to an endless cycle of death and rebirth robbed of his memories he adopted the name of a nursery rhyme so I’m in Grundy born on a.

Monday christened on Tuesday married on the Minster to kill on Thursday your son Friday died on Saturday very fun something.

This is the end of Solomon crop b-tree carnation makes them stronger fuck incredible strength resilience can never truly be killed that’s good to know do be in luck anyone on cbs2 face see mr.

freeze Oracle fridge know you’re there and that’s that.

We go looking change of plan and going after the League of Assassins penguin had one of the league’s assassins imprisoned in the museum I recognized the insignia she’s a member of Talia’s.
Elite guard tell you is not the goal I’ve uploaded.

Freezes unfinished crew looks to me like the answer is real name unknown international terrorists first appearance Batman 232 alright.
Little is known about the early areas of the nearly.

Immortal brush ha there’s Hannah Ra’s.

Al Ghul leader of the League of Assassins whose name means the demons head his lived for many centuries due to the Lazarus pits mystical and alchemical brews their restores youth a brilliant master of strategy and organization rise goal is to save the earth from eventual ecological devastation by destroying.

Most of its population it sounds like you should be working with poison ivy he recognizes Batman is both a worthy foe and a possible ally except that Batman cannot accept us just to stop.

Big world view to bring Batman to his side Razi has even orchestrated a relationship between Batman and his beautiful daughter Talia al Ghul oh he he worked straighted a tyrant genius intellect and strategist superior strength and stamina superb hand-to-hand combatant nearly immortal thanks to his Lazarus pits and commands the League of Assassins they said fuckin uh Solomon Grundy was immoral – he only killed me a couple times before I got him fuck’s sake hi.

You might regret playing on a difficulty a little bit requesting a lime sweet I did too heavy slowed me down let me know when it’s here all right Joker’s crew so yeah Oh painful and Eastham just gets up.

Like nothing alright can I tell you isn’t that the worries okay there we go quick.

Level appear special combo multiple take down I can’t remember all this shit there’s a lot gadgets app firearm generated.

Remotely disables enemy firearms with it that means being waved at the.

Gun they’re carrying has become Jam let’s disable these targets will be shown as blue and detective modes skazzica yes please I knew don’t.

You drop okay so kind of got disturbed in here I’m great so she came up here Jesus I wish I didn’t problem I.

Wish I wasn’t like the actual budget rather than the security or the sensor we learned that drop voice so it says let me in let me now sweet literature but that’s not why that girl why does it natural for church yeah came to here and that why so quiet aren’t you go once you came up it – all right keep going this is actually kind of tough to follow up here yes keep going where’d you think it looks like you weren’t raised every year and place is locked down.


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