Alright guys Chad and I have been trapped on this bus for so long and Marlin actually was trapped in here with us for a very long time too but now we got to get us out of here yeah Marlin just used his fingerprint to get out of here so I think if I maybe try to use my fingerprint.

We can get out using our fingerprints of you right what you do is you take a pencil and you make this big dark line then I’m gonna put my.

Finger right on it like this I got a bunch of it on my finger here to transfer the fingerprint we use tape and make sure you firmly press against it you can see it right on there once we put the fingerprint on the paper for Marlon did the door opened right up to see if this works come on door here we just use my thumb you hear transfer airplane here it goes hopefully once I put my tape fingerprint on here the door will open three two.
One go did it open it open ah no it didn’t work.

Myself now I don’t know what to do we’re gonna go and should I get some of your spy gear V and bring that back to you.

And see if that’ll help you get out of here okay open the door with that we’ll be right back all right I’m gonna double check to.

Make sure that we didn’t miss any clues or let me be any like weapons or any gear that I can.

Try and get out and crack that door open I haven’t even looked underneath the seat yet the side oh trying to reach like way back there.

Nothing I’m gonna try underneath like the seat can’t feel anything you guys I thought I felt something maybe it’s just a seat belt though cuz you know obviously it belts here are just.

Hanging all over the place okay yeah it’s like my hands are super dirty and my knees hurt really badly look I got a bruise already I’m not doing this anymore I haven’t even tried this exit door here emergency exit to open.

Pull up handle push door out almost hopefully check comes back soon with like a ninja weapon or something and maybe you can pry this open doesn’t seem like there’s any clues back here let’s go back all the.
Way up to the front of the bus and just keep an eye out for.

Me okay oh wait you know what all the seats have numbers and I think when Marlon and Chad were in here with me something weird was happening at seat number 13 so I’m gonna really thoroughly check that seat out I just wanna see if there’s anything on the seat belts anything in between.

The seats like you can find like quarters wait let me see I think I found something oh oh it’s just a tag all right let’s see nothing here nothing in between.

The windows because sometimes things can get stuck here wait a minute there’s a little triangle note tennis stock yeah what was that noise maybe it came.

From the speaker’s toupee that was really weird I heard something did you guys hear anything it was like really staticky I’m like going crazy I mean it’s it too hot in here and we’re just like.

Freaking out and really hearing things let me know in the comments oh it says objects are closer than they appear gosh that sounds really familiar I feel like I’ve read this somewhere you guys.

Know what this exact phrase is appeared and you know let me know in the comments below where you have seen this exact phrase you can’t think of where I see it I’m gonna keep this in mind and let’s.

See what else we can find let’s see oh look at this walkie-talkie maybe I can call for help interior if I switch over to the right here exterior maybe I.

Can yell to outside to see if I can get help hello anybody out there this is V quaint I’m stuck in a yellow school bus I’m waiting for someone to come and help me I’m still stuck in here hopefully someone heard me and they come and rescue me cuz I don’t know how long.

Take this look like one of those cassette players that’s interesting because we’ve been getting cassette messages from the hacker it must be the same hacker that’s part of this let’s see what else I’m just.
Gonna like try all the buttons okay.

That didn’t do anything okay push off okay oh the fan works you guys it’s.

So hot in here you guys give this video a thumbs up right now if you fan yourself this way check transmitter nothing R and G none.

Of these buttons absolutely nothing is nothing but the fan Oh know what else to do I’m gonna check for the comments right now to see what you guys are suggesting all.

Right in the comments I’m seeing a lot of you guys saying objects are closer than they appear are usually on mirrors yeah they’re usually on like mirrors in a car in a truck all right so nothing on this mirror I checked all over the back maybe use one of the mirrors outside of the window all right so in case any of you guys.

Wondering why I’m not jumping out of this window because Chad and I tried and Marlins video to jump out because that was like the first thing that we did but once we tried doing that Marlin got a text and the hacka said that you can’t.

Do that or else go delete one of our channels so I don’t want to risk that but let’s check this mirrors out here so I don’t see anything here I’m feeling all over the band there’s nothing you can hear oh wait a minute all right this.

Looks like another note it like rolls into like a scroll air era why is there a question mark right here okay you guys this does not look like English at all question mark is even backwards so you guys should let me know in the comments what language is this let me know right now because I.

Need to figure this out you know what maybe this is not a different.

Language at all because in Marlins video we found a clue and it was written backwards and since I found this near or mirror maybe this note is back where it’s awesome how.

Many degrees are in a triangle.

Wow this hacker is getting pretty complicated now he’s like doing math problems.

Now how many degrees are in a triangle.

Okay if you guys know the answers of this let me know in the comments down below because yours are great at solving clues solving puzzles and especially helping me out okay well I’m waiting for.

You guys to help I’m gonna try and figure this out on my own I’m gonna try a couple triangle there’s triangles that look like this like super skinny there’s like a lot.

Of different types of triangles how do you know which angles it’s talking about because like each angle is different there’s like the like there’s a 90-degree angle which is like an L you know like that I know that’s ninety or like if I connect it then these two angles will.

I just know that how do you know.

That these are 45 Oh totally okay like I remember like in geometry class all angles of any triangle doesn’t matter the size of it it’s always going to equal 180 degrees like really weird.

How like that just happened it’s almost like Auto memory like what I learn like from way back I mean like five years ago well this is 90 degrees plus 45 plus 45 that’s 180 let me check let me check in.

The comments to see yeah a bunch of you guys are also commenting 180 s so I think that’s definitely the answer what the heck does that.

Mean 180 juicy 180 anywhere on this bus I say 26 wait 18 does it just mean eight to.

You any more notes up here no clues in this piece just some peanut butter sandwich crackers I might need this and I’m stuck.

In here for like 24 hours I’ll keep that so maybe it’s not 18 maybe.

It’s 1 & 8 & 0 8 I need check from our close nothing out here I feel something almost.

So loud you guys what is going on here maybe the hacker it’s definitely watching.

Us or listening to us right now because I feel like every time I come close to finding the clue finding our solving something something weird and creepy happen okay I just want to mention that this note was also folded alright this note here.

Also has a this ankle here is 89 you can raise okay so that means one angle is 89 B I can find another clue on number one yeah I think that’s it let’s go let’s go let’s go all right let’s look at number one here.

He doesn’t seem like there’s any clue in between.

This piece here it’s another this better be another angle it is another angle it says 65 degrees okay the other one was 89 I can definitely solve what the third ones I don’t have you know not only am i assigning job I’m also a math ninja so you can find the area of the triangle because I already know it’s 180.

180 is the total Turnersville track this 89 plus 65 equals hurt you guys let me know if you guys know what 89 plus 65 is I need your help okay.

So 89 plus 65 is 154 1 + 80 – 154 equals 26 26 first I mean set another state number 26 they look for another triangle I mean nothing I don’t find any other clue but I do find a ton of seat belts here and in the last video on Marlins I remember that when I.

Put seat belts together the door did open so I’m gonna try that this one at the maroon one goes together that.

Do anything black and black see I.

Didn’t work but we still have one more seat belt left see how that works oh no the doors closed what is the free year gosh I was so close you’re riding through that door it’s where I sweep the whole entire bus I didn’t see this book.

Before that’s so weird Oh what is this it says sign-in sheet.

Daniel Nancy Robert okay so someone just decided to cross out their name this is all underlying key and our team are GNR do you know I feel like that has to be a clue somewhere on this bus comment down below if you have seen this combination of letters somewhere in this bossy four and let me know.


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