I’m launching a new e-commerce business from the ranch gonna be shipping food you brushing the horses pretty well you guys got to learn how to sell online e-commerce is the future if you don’t believe me ask tours are us they’re out of business guess we’ll put them out of business Amazon sellers thousands of people selling toys through Amazon.

So ecommerce is one of the skills they should have taught us in school but obviously they don’t teach that in school it’s the future people don’t want to go to stores that much most of these big brands JCPenney Sears they’re all going to be.

Gone there they’re gone now or they will be gone and it’s gonna be replaced by an army of entrepreneurs a army of part-time and full-time small business owners and so I have an e-commerce course I’m gonna put some testimonials and show you some of the results I’ve been training people for a few years me and my team have been training people and my business partners on what we do I’ve got.

A book shipping business mentor box worship you know we’re shipping books we’re also doing electronic downloads we’re doing I don’t know 10 million bucks a year on that it’s something I spend a couple hours.

A month on so you really want to learn because if you can scale an online business I pretty much automates itself that’s how I have time to be here on the farm say hello be here on the farm doing all this other stuff Adrienne’s learning how to harness here so I’m gonna put a link I’m gonna open up this ecommerce course I’ve got a new version an updated version.0 blueprint on e-commerce and I’m gonna put a link below you have 7 days to get in the program and then I’m gonna close it back up I’m gonna do a partial scholarship you might not have enough money to get in when I opened it last time so I’m gonna pay part of the fee come on cowboy hey um how you doing this here is doc how you doing doc you ready to learn ecommerce he’s not interested as long as he gets his feed so you got less.

Than 7 days I’m gonna put this link up here or down below in the description click there you can get a partial scholarship that I’m gonna close it up I really want to emphasize by the way some of the testimonials I got testimony one of the coolest testimonials I got was from a guy I said taya was.

Broke now this is an abnormal one I’m not promising you’ll get these results but he started selling clothing online he’s doing a million gross a month within about three months of taking the course and I think he was netting about two hundred thousand dollars a month this is a guy in his 20s.

Just imagine how that feels he said he was completely broke and making whatever five grand I’m on three grand a month two.

Grand a month I’m not sure what but he said not much money and then he’s netting six figures in a month what do you think of that this one is Jake right here Jake does not care about e-commerce at all he just cares about his alfalfa that’s all you care about bud huh smells good so I’m gonna show you if you don’t know what to sell online.

In the course we’re gonna go into all that I’m gonna show you simple household items you can sell you guys one.

Of the people that will have some lessons in the program Liz she went.


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