In the news tonight judge dismisses squid case against G comes CEO and returning officer what some damage overload to commence next year two men found dead in separate homes in babies and in schools when these have fun attracting strategy / women’s t20 World Cup we’ll have all the details later on and this is our choose depth or the.

2013 edition of the NCN news I am your umbrella thank you for joining us – our top story the.

Court case brought against the chief elections officer of the gun Elections Commission keep lowing field and then we try the officer bloomfield room orlando person has reportedly been dismissed everything was handed down by Justice Narendra Singh in a.

Fixed state application Shaffers become a candidate for the People’s Progressive Party Civic dvdc $39.00 were misled by Alliance for change air-sea representatives into signing of nominations on the AFC’s list of candidates in a hearing on October 11 justice Singh had ordered a police investigation to each other after the claims were violent their papers presented by the judge earlier today and after review determined that there was no evidence of fraud trickery or threat justice sing concluded that.
There was no basis to oxy chief elections officer to.

Strike out the names of denominators from the FC’s list of candidates a private sector expert in Trinidad and Tobago is cautioning policymakers not to make the same mistakes made by that country record regarding.

The and gas sector the chief executive officer of the Toronto Baker Manufacturers Association says the local content for work sets the tone for Guyanese to effectively benefit almost over dr. M Dean says he’s willing to point local policymakers and the private sector to the energy chamber in trinidad and tobago to avoid the mistakes trinidad and tobago made in its oil and gas sector he thought this is needed after.

Talking with several business owners during a recent trade mission for the oil and gas industry.

An expert also says the local the force must be integrally involved in technology transfer while gaining the necessary knowledge to advance projects we made some mistakes in the past where theoretically brings a lot of stuff but there are situations where they come and they do everything.

Then they just hand you the key switch and turn off the switch and that try and sell technology and Mohamad knowledge Genet materialize so if something went wrong with the machine or whatever you have to come because of the.

Local economy realistically to ensure all sectors are sustainably developed unfortunately we didn’t give that new attention to deserve engine and they’re gonna be lessons you need to the economy realistically unfortunately what happen is that the oil and gas sector at the expense.

Of others and many lessons to learn you see oil and gas is a curse and a blessing because when you have the oil and the price of oil is at a particular price and the government gets anywhere veneers are the taxes and everything from that unfortunately the other sectors the agriculture sector the tourism sector D is neglected because he get some.

Monies from the oil and gas and carries and drives economy but at the expense.


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