Of the growth and development of the men is that what happens in the oil and gas sector sometimes spill over for example in Trinidad and Tobago we have a situation where hospitality attendant in whale and gas sector will be working for X amount and that all of a sudden sets the parameter for the on the manual and gas sector so because the revenues exist Nina’s men or the oil and gas sector to pay someone X it doesn’t exist any non oil and gas sector.

So it just doesn’t equate so this is about that what happens here is balanced off any other sector Paul more for the insane news stock market vendors could be temporarily relocated to the front of the facility until works on a newly proposed area are completed their presence seemed to favor for most of the counselors at the main City Council’s statutory.

Meeting on Monday Tricia Marlowe was there the stock market was vendors we will replace it to the rota 42.

Me the best part after their current location has been deemed unsafe before the vendors can occupy the.

Area perpetual works such as resurfacing is it to be undertaken by the mayor and city council but because of financial constraints the works are at a standstill nevertheless the municipality has sought to the assistance of the ministry of public infrastructure.

And mayor patricia cheese grain reported that the sisters on Monday councilors discussed whether after the lengthy discussion eruptions were put to a vote 16 councillors of the decision staying in the storage ponds at Riverview and Princess Street are on the operation she stated repairs are decoded and the pumps should be back operation by.

Weekend then Church Street to Regent Street with the final tranche of menus to my central government and sat down with dr.
Collins – plans for constituency he.
Collins is representing constituency three can revoke Portia Bluebird better space and borough guidance the partnership for national unity European candidate says he is grateful for the opportunity to provided by the administration for young people to advance a change in their communities ask about his developmental plans for his constituency.

That the concerns emphasis will be placed on improving infrastructure in the communities elders balloon does not only it’s true for the policies that are dear in terms of who gets what in terms.

Of the streetlights that means in Ensenada I think those are civil rights but I believe as the citizenry we ought to demand more of those who aspire for leadership I believe we really need to in all honesty demand there from.

Our politicians in bath it is not what you become maybe as a community can can come together and provide nourishment and what is required in.

Terms of like a food bank a clear ban people who are access or excess can actually give to our community center and those who are in need can access that help and you know how do we develop programs that will address the current needs of particular single positive changes.

To those within his constituency but I hope that I can for sure in a generation that is experientially free way that way we not only deliberated but we free free to be ourselves free to be Guyanese free to be excellent to be magnificent so I believe that running for camera we can literally become the microcosm of what is possible in their choice Romero the Ministry of.

Agriculture’s pesticides and talked to toxic chemicals Control Board has satisfied over 70 persons and pest control.

Application women secretary of the Minister of Agriculture velmanette on Tuesday charge graduates to take the responsibility of preserving environment while guarding against the misuse of pesticides Kristin Josiah has details individuals are.

Now certified as pest control operators at the basic level all 27 are certified at the intermediate level the best graduating students who scored 100% in the basic proficiency training program included porn Prasad unsure and in erstwhile adventure cherry.

Earned the title of best graduating students at the intermediate level president secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture dolmen ed encouraged the graduates to broaden their knowledge Matt also suggests.

Seller graduates take the responsibility and guard against misuse of pesticide substances certified as pest control operators are mandated to only execute pest control procedures in the presence of a pest control specialist the graduation comes on the heels of pesticide Awareness.

Week being observed under the theme increased food safety reduce dependency and pesticides adopt integrated pest management reporting for the NC newest Christian design protection relief items to five families who suffered losses after this section be safai apartment was destroyed by a fire and Sunday Melissa Lee expressed her heart photograph to the families the items which included kitchen utensils a kerosene.

Stove mattress sheets and pillowcases which were given to each of the families were obtained through the Ministry of the ministry’s difficult circumstances unit now the knobs around public hospital is undergoing a major upgrades to the tune of 19 million dollars services residents that.

The upgrades will not affect the day-to-day services being administered at the facility details NFS repaired.

Under your amsterdam public hospital we should expect to see improved delivery in health.

Services to patients and their beef on surrounding communities Regional Health Service.

Of German student assured valve works will not affect regular services he discussed about the awards have cost.

The Ministry of Public Health approximately 90 million dollars 15:13 and she needs an observation as relates to the facility in facilities such as this item the Eternity has been thrown into mourning following the death of that one clip Syrian Winston a mighty shadow daily where who celebrates his who celebrated rather 77 billion October to died at hospital after healing for.

Some time and suffering a stroke on Sunday really who is to be confirmed with an honorary Doctorate by the University of the West Indies this year one real March titles in Turin and Tobago in 1974 with basement and 2001 with stranger on the Calypso monarch type in 2000 with what’s wrong.

With me and scratch my back he also won the international soccer monarch title with stranger in a 2001 building one day against India on Sunday others at that conference will acknowledge the challenges his side faces when they take to the field on Tuesday 2230.

A vacancy wells defected so as offensive to say the real nice captain call and his.

On the task at hand as they the series this patient very well did they begin their lashes early comparative in many ways they’re playing their peers and I think the last de martini and and as I said you have some failures the joint services swimming championship trophy.
See more all the events I head up.

Again defense force again fire service mega in prison service tops 100 followers line and immense spread is really good event you have to be the freestyle event I clutched a minute you’d go on to.

Add a 50-meter freestyle in the his name as well as if you tweet about the flight completes the job for.

His team I got in them 200-meter freestyle my friends meter freestyle shows us on the beach innovative we stand a 50 butterfly mm she has police claim 585 points the an offensive fire version 13 fire service turn imprison service food not a major universe trimming cooler winds in a 50 best rope I’m box true also I assume is an Ashanti cobbler so one being vents photography or segmented sharmaji continues all uncommon airs on Fridays wrong Travis enough and science for the Ganymede racing and sports car is confident local dive drivers.

Will be able to hold their own as they get.

Set to host at this year’s final egg of the Seaboard Marine Caribbean motor racing championship and the Cold War has details some press briefing vice-president of the GM our undersea Hans.

Raj Singh expresses confidence in their local drivers achieving success under your sway of the sobriquet a circuit come November 10 and 11 the GM and SC Vice President believes that the event will live up to expectations when action gets underway the building is an event a big night from the central defining that the.

CBO a million parameters in championships as expect to be a part of the event will be the radicals category which makes its competitive debut in the SI 3 cup when the event comes to an end added to Mary circuit for instance Bert more news well here’s a recap of the top stories judge dismisses.

Quick case against G cons CEO and returning officer works on a diamond overrode to commence next year.


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