It is October what do beekeepers do in October first they feed their bees second they use their honey and their bees wax to make value-added products so that’s what we’re doing today we are making creamed honey or a cream honey it’s also called spun honey there’s lots of different names for it but I’m going to tell you what.

Is and how to make it it’s so easy and delicious that.

I encourage everybody that’s a beekeeper to.

Give it a shot and today we will be talking about this wonderful creation called creamed honey thanks hon that’s right we are making creamed honey so you may not know what it is I didn’t know what it was until I became a beekeeper here’s row.
With Marvin he’s what is he 15.

Or 16 he’s old he’s an old cat four I mean he’s you know a young old cat but he’s an.

Old cat we are going to be making creamed honey in case you don’t know what cream honey is which a I did not know either creamed honey is crystallized honey but it’s a controlled process of honey crystallization so you actually as a.

Sign that you have raw pure honey it will probably crystallize if you give it enough time that’s a sign that you have pure honey a lot of.
Stores you are not getting pure honey at most grocery stores they.

Mix in corn syrup and other things like that so pure raw.

Honey actually does crystallize but the problem with honey crystallizing you get.

Big large jagged flakes and that does not taste good on.

Your tongue and people don’t want to eat crystallized honey normally I don’t either but there’s a process to make nice round small tiny little crystals and it tastes delicious it basically turns this honey to this consistency and it’s more like a jam or jelly so this is much more spreadable it goes great on a.

Biscuit or a cracker I still love my honey but again I’m trying to find as.

Many different ways to use my honey and I’m having a lot of fun with it just this morning we made 50 chap sticks with their beeswax which is pretty fun so this is what you need.

To make cream honey you need cream honey to make cream honey yes I know that sounds kind of crazy but you need to find a source that has creamed honey at a local health food store or you can order it I think I ordered this from blue sky bee supply or maybe man Lake and it’s basically a starter seed for your honey you want to put about one tenth of the amount of the honey that you’re trying to crystallize you want to put one tenth of the cream honey in there.

Stir it for about 2 or 3 minutes make sure you get to the very bottom of your.

Honey jar so that it’s going to crystallize quicker and sooner and then after that you actually put your honey outside in a cool environment that’s going to slow.

Down the process of the honey crystallizing so it’s just going to help.

The I guess process go a little bit slower which is going to help ensure that you’re going to have very small small crystals you don’t actually want want to.

Put it outside but I put mine inside a cooler and then I put that inside the barn or my shed the ideal temperature for making cream honey is between 40 and 60 degrees and then you just let it sit for a week and then you get your creamed honey my wife actually likes the creamed honey more than the regular honey it goes great on.

Biscuits just had it this morning so we are going to make I think 10 small jars of our cream honey and we’re gonna give some away so let’s go ahead and make our cream honey so we so we went ahead and made her creamed honey is so easy again you just.

Put the starter seed of previous cream honey in your jar start for a few minutes and that starts the process of making your cream honey this one was started about a week ago really you want to.

Give it about two weeks at least for everything to crystallize the longer you wait the.

Better the last step is we’re going to put these in a cooler we’re gonna put them in our barn and this is a perfect time of year to make cream honey because of our temperature range.

Is between 40 and 60 degrees that is ideal for a creamed honey so this is what it looks like inside of the cream honey so we hope you enjoyed this video the.

Nice thing is now that we have creamed honey this will serve as our starter the.

Next time we make the cream honey so we never have to buy that starter kit again as long as we hang on to a few of these jars we’ll always be able to.

Make this these make great holiday gifts it’s up selling your honey just a little bit so we are very excited to keep exploring homesteading I mean you know we’re not gonna quit homesteading and keep.

Learning about beekeeping until next time keep on keeping on.


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