It is a big day in Tamilnadu politics as the Madras High Court will today be pronouncing the verdict in the disqualification of the 18a AIADMK legislators case the a AIADMK government led by Chief Minister colony Swami will remain intact only if the disqualification of the rebel mla’s is upheld by the court any adverse judgment may spell trouble for.
Eps giving a mmk leader t TV then occur on the upper hand.

Meanwhile fearing poaching by EPs camp t TV has moved the 18 disqualified legislators to a court alum resort near through Novelli district remember the 18.

A AIADMK legislators were disqualified by speaker pithan pal in september last year for defying the whip of the party on june 14 the first bench of the Madras High Court gave a split verdict with chief justice in there are banerjee upholding the disqualification for the second judge and.

Sunder differing subsequently justice s whim ‘la was appointed as the third judge to decide the case so this is a litmus test for the EPS government the verdict will be pronounced today at around 10:30 the 18 dissident a AIADMK legislators will who.

They were actually disqualified by speaker peed on pal my colleague guru Priya now joins me live for further inputs on the story no Priya it is a big test for the EPS government in the state well definitely ask regard this is a litmus test for the AI.

DMK a government and this important verdict will decide the fate of the AI DMK.

Government whether they are going to be in power or whether they are going to be on their way out we are coming to you live straight from the residence most importantly dirty TV didn’t occur.
Chennai it is account Thursday morning at about 8 a.
but in just about two hours the situation is going to change when that important verdict is going to come out at 10:30 a. then a current is inside his house right now and the emily’s who’s supporting him and who have been disqualified are.

Holed up in a resort in katralla internal really a district this has been seen as an attempt to ensure.

That the MLAs are together in an attempt to prevent poaching by the EPS camp remember there are two options that are available before the Madras High Court one is if it’s going to be upholding the judgement of the speaker then the EPA’s government will survive and they will not have any.

Threat to be political instability of their government and second.

Is if the judge Satine arena rejects the speaker’s decision then these 18 mla’s will be qualified as legislators and they will come back to the assembly and in the eventualities of a flow test the EPA’s government does not have numbers by its side and that could well mean defeat of this government all right look Priya thank you so much for your inputs on this story now.

Let’s quickly possibly look at the all the scenarios that might just happen whichever way this verdict swings now let’s look at scenario one on what exactly happens if the court decides to uphold that disqualification in that case the EPA’s government will survive and it will be a big setback for ttv Donna Karan and my elections will be.

The constituency’s now let’s quickly look at scenario two in case the court goes ahead and cautious the disqualification of the 18 Emily’s the opposition parties might just come together with these M and EPA’s government faults so that is scenario 2 what would be the scenario 3 if the court cautious disqualification of the 18.

Emily’s then these Emily’s might just demand a removal of EPS EPS might just be removed but a AIADMK government remains in power that could be a possible scenario 3 let’s now look at scenario 4 if the court goes ahead and cautious that disqualification then the 18 Emily’s might just.

Join hands with the DMK in that case a.

AIADMK government Falls and DMK will come to power so that will be a big development in case that happens and scenario 5 will be if the court cautious at disqualification then the 18 Emily’s will.

Be reinstated there might just be a floor test which will be ordered and there will be chances of a possible horse trading where there is always that fear of the MLA switching sides remember ttv the new Curran has upheld has held all his 18 dissident Emily’s in a resort in Kota LOM as the low Priya has been reporting and low Priya the fact that these are the possible scenarios.

That we are looking at – what is it looking like 40 TV then a current especially with their sur resort politics going on well that’s correct this is an important day for TT within the current because he can establish the supremacy of.

The amical moon attract arugam and he can possibly bring more legislators to his side and in a way try and begin the process of retrieving the AI DMK from the eps obvious that has been something that TT latina current has been talking about so if a word it goes in a favor.

Of Dhinakaran then definitely he will emerge as a very strong leader in the AI DMK and there is a possibility that the ttv Donna Karan faction will want a change in the leadership of the EPS government because the TT within a current faction has maintained that they do not want to see the defeat of this government but they are only expressing their Rawal of confidence on the chief minister so we will have to wait and see what the Madras High Court is going to say and.

Based on that several political drama is going to unfold here in Tamil Nadu all right look thank you so much for your.

Input stay on with me as we’re getting some more breaking news I need your inputs for that as well thanks for watching the video for more such news and updates please like share and subscribe to India to be also check out our other great videos from our Channel we know you would love to.


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