I’m 34 subscribers okay that I had 3406 chapter one industry my life will see that the bottle o sub zombie hello no not you are we going pleasant park here we come yep yum zombie to all go subscribe to my youtube channel for tonight God’s plan on this coordinate underscore our Sun God find this little cop little by.

I’m going a gas station I got nothing I’m coming to you you can have it like I’ll go.

The bottom okay whooping okay I got.

A shotgun a big pot look at a verse for you okay where’s that burst I have it Thanks what happened gah team oh I actually do you want this um.

Do I have that pump back then Here I am what it is so fresh water you know right behind your new trying to go to you you’re my a team up I haven’t there’s always another desert you go up here if you want it there’s no what.
Stinkers there’s a stink bomb up here if you.

It actually act again I got it I got it I got it you go.

Over to the zombies and just get them for shield we did.

Come to me I have inputs for you I hear people socialize before guys fighting with the fighting division – he sees me – that stinks throw them water and also there yep – oh God Hey ready go guys on to the guys somewhere hit them both what a massive shield rush Oh Arianna Matt’s.

I have no mats I can’t do anything she was tried to break it off his path he’s running yeah I need Matt I just got on no not one of them very laggy Jesus Christ you can.

Luke not this ah me this hat she is ami trying to break.

This now I have no salt rifle and listen I have some cash some Rockets I don’t know I I know I killed one zombie let me add something that guy grabbed that I killed oh we get this drop I.

See it it’s really close we’re um 66 yes you know drop looking sky oh oh we have.

To go be able to go over there anyway so yeah this is good oh maybe we can grab some shield oh we’re gonna have a problem I got it.

God take them out baby dance I know what are you drinking a chocolate yeah okay what did you drink the snip juice I dropped all can I hear that big shield cone to the listicle what Ronnie gets medkit really quick and your family rockets can I have them okay good portion if we take a listicle actually I.

Could go with I could get that big pot I could carry that sure wait make sure your evans are loaded I know that’s the first thing I did after my job but come here what get shucking out oh.

You sir if you go don’t let me catch you no no wait no no when you use.

That roof to go you can get on the big shield right there you get the big spell X come on go go ready use it I.

See people we could drop on them it’s one.

Guy one guy right here nice.

Let’s go let’s go come on coming on Circle Circle Circle I need salt rifle ammo and some.

Shopping you know you can salt and shotgun yeah it’s on shotgun come on guys partner it doesn’t make it for you come out storm I got you fam I.

Got it Oh make it to make it get make it oh my god come on quick quick quick you guys make it go take that med kit you all – well you get that some getting useless medkit over here come here gets that mad kid I got you.


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