We have alkane out here shown in a pivot table that shows a revenue cogs and expenses for 2012 2013 and 2014 and we want to show the top five expenses for each of the years to do that in the row labels drop-down box we choose the P&L type and let’s choose only expenses so unselect all and choose expenses.
Now press ok so we have the.

Three years of expenses there and the next thing I want to do is see the top five values for each of these items so once again click back into our filter from the Select field drop-down box we choose the item and from a valley filters we choose top 10 instead of top 10 let’s change.
That to the top 5 and we’ll give these to the items and actual and press.

Ok so we have our top 5 items there now finally we click in our pivot table so you’ve sorted from highest to lowest right click Choose saw and saw largest smallest so they’re all sorted a.
From largest to smallest now finally we can go.

To our pivot table tools tab and see a different layout and just to show you how it looks let’s choose the outline form so in the ellow form will have the year 1 column the P&L type in a second column the item in a third column and the actual dollars in a 4th column and in.

Here you can see the actual filters so you can choose that and you can see there will be chosen the expenses and in the item you can.

See that we have the valley filter into the top of 5 items and also you can see that it’s sort of from za now another good feeling with the outline form is that you can see each of the field headings in here so the layout depends on your personal preferences and as you can see from this now.
By filtering and sorting we can get the top five expenses in your P&L..


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