What’s going on your boy here jun archer with the lovely MC extraordinary and i should say you gonna be a political activist real soon Remy Ma welcome to the show how you doing I’m good listen we just finished seeing Angela rise if television show and the words that you were talking about in terms of getting politically active and.
Making sure our young people start to.

Understand the three levels of government for you coming home and what you said earlier how important is it for our young people to understand the process in terms of voting and really getting out there and voting especially in this election coming up for the midterms I mean.

Well the young people there they’re the future they’re the present and the future as well and I’ve been today imma get old one day and he’s gonna be the people that’s gonna have to take care of me they need to be informed they know what’s going on but unfortunately it’s.

Not just the young people you know there’s a lot of older people who don’t know the three branches of the government they don’t know who makes the laws who interprets the.

Laws who carries out the laws they then they wait until you know gets to the executive branch and in complaining about what the president is doing but he had to get there first we have had so many other steps that that you missed and that’s why we learned you know sometimes you learn from trial and never we learned like hey wait.

Just pushing the millennials last time and we got Obama into office it was a.

Wonderful thing but we need to push them in these midterm elections because come 2020 when it’s time to vote we want to have a nice election to least choose from but sometimes where people don’t realize they feel like people doesn’t matter they feel like it’s not important and you have to drill it into their head and then I got um some flack because he was like you know I use the F word a lot and I get a little crazy when I want.

But I’m like that’s how you have to talk to people it’s this the same thing with your children you tell you his children stop don’t do that do it again stop that again they send it to get a little bit more serious yeah she not weights we’re crazy so sometimes you have to talk to people in the language that they understand and not necessarily using.

Profanity but I mean like across the board you know we’re in a pretty much an information warfare right now people are.

Fighting against social media we fighting against Twitter Instagram against Facebook against these different platforms.

Has our kids attention that has their brains and you can put whatever you want in a book right read it you can.

Put it in a school and going to school you can put it in a church being in church they only social media and networks and on these sites so this is where we have to plant this information we have all these different celebrities to have these huge platforms and when we try to push your album or are we trying to.

Push a project 150% exactly so we need to.

Do that same thing you can’t complain when you see police brutality or when you don’t like the judges that’s being elected or you’re like what the prosecutor is doing or you don’t feel like the mayor or the governor is doing anything in your city your state.

Or your town but you’re not using your platform for anything other than pushing your own your own agenda and sad that a lot.

Of times we don’t feel the urge or the need to do these things and so that happens to us and I’m and I’m a victim you know I’m not a victim I’m a I’m a guilty that’s I say I’m guilty of that based on what I went through that’s what opened my eyes that’s what made me see what can I do to contribute what can I do so that people know how they can get their right.

To go back if they’re felon or hotter right well you talked about that earlier on the program for those who have been incarcerated found themselves in the position where they’ve come.

Home and have lost that right you got some pushback initially and you kept going for that person who who may be watching and listening how important is it for them to continue to keep knocking on that to make sure that they get their vote a right but what.

Frustrated especially after you’ve been incarcerated you did some time and you’ve had to deal with you know police officers and.

Lawyers and DA’s and prosecutors and maybe jurors or you know parole all these people that don’t understand you that you feel like your life is in their hands right so when you.

When you try to go to do something they tell you oh well you got to go to outlet number eight and then you go over there like oh no.

You got to go back to point B oh no ho don’t go back to a max on what you need to go to see like you get the runaround.

People get frustrated just forget it I don’t care discouraged you get discouraged you.

Feel like it breaks your spirit but you.

Can’t let these things are put in place.

So that should do it but net will lead you to believe you know what may be my vote so what I when I had to think is if I pay my debt to society right.

And I’m living a law-abiding life I’m a law-abiding citizen probably they.

Even care they’re making so that I can’t vote what does that have to do with anything you can’t smoke okay can I get a grievance can I write to this person and this is the things that we have to do and I feel a.

Lot of times also you don’t know when you get sentence or.

You know the time that you guys so you think about they don’t say oh yeah by the way you’re not gonna be able to vote.

Able to have job a B C or D oh yeah what else would note that job is off the hook so can’t never have that job there’s so many things that come with having a felony on your record so you never really finish paying you that’s a sign in a lot of times it made me frustrated a lot of times that angers you because you like I did all this time I made it through that I survived I should be good now to move slower in my life but these things are put in place you.

And you get somebody who’s been through what you’ve been through or was it cuz I don’t know nobody I’m sorry I I’m.

From the hood I don’t know anybody who’s never had anybody that they care about.


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