What’s going on worldwide baby boy Marlo Bennett the residents to the game walking what’s going on guys it’s a beautiful ladies and gentlemen I’m sorry so beautiful my ex is very fun guys and as promised and this is Stallman of how to make money on the internet with your own email marketing business or using email marketing and automated.

List building or sourcing automated marketing systems and sales funnels I’m gonna show you guys how to go inside of get response and actually set up your first list okay now get response is still relatively new to me and.

My super huge list built inside the power lead system and I’m able to using what they call an API key I’m using to integrate I’m able to integrate the leaves coming into my power lead system into my get response but most of them are in my power lead system but it’s cool anyway because I’m gonna be building out multiple lists because I’m making.
Multiple listen you guys not actually get to see me build these lists out.

You’re gonna actually get to see how I do it now you guys have been on the series you seen me go in and create my first landing page and.

If you guys have taken me up on your free trial offer for get response but you could do it any time to play list is up and I’ll leave a link for.

Today description I’m looking up you can actually see if you are a member of get responsible your landing pages also let’s jump on it.

Real quick I only have one landing page actually created inside of your response guys because I create all my landing pages in the party system but I showed you guys in the administration history other night I didn’t actually go through the actual phone but you guys I showed you that.

You would have various or multiple templates available to you.

In any niche because you can think of I just happen to embed one.

Of my videos in here and of course I can now hang up for some bullets and so that’s the cool thing about having a good response or the power lead system or any respond or.

Responder by the way I’m actually going to give another autoresponder cuz it’s something I’m working on I know I just got rid of a weber but I’m gonna get something else cuz this is where I’m going I know.

But anyway so we talked about the landing pages so that was my landing page now when you want to create them this guy’s like I already did you would go to email marketing right and then once you’re inside.
Of email marketing no say email marketing you know right okay of.

God let me go here guys and get this right so then let’s go to autoresponders come on slow computer okay now we’re gonna go to contacts so what’s your side of contacts guys you’ll see right up here where it says list look at what I’m going around the circle now you see list right now you’ll see guys I already have several lists I told you guys I’m building out all the lists first right I’m creating a list right I told you when you guys.

Learn these fundamentals you can go inside a place like get response pounding system whatever a lab or whatever you can create multiple lists as you.

Can see I’m doing over on the left and I named different things but over here guys because I use different marketing angles for different things that I’m doing what are we working towards here guys I’m working toward the 7 I’m working so I’m building it all out you guys are gonna actually get to walk with me and see me do these things and so there’s gonna be very beneficial to you right it’s free information at any given time doing the course of YouTube video series.

You guys could actually tap into sorry that’s my son coffee in the other room you can actually talk tap into the automated marketing systems and sales funnels and go inside a platform like get response or power lead system on a web there’s so many others guys GBO you name and you could create multiple campaigns so guys let’s talk about creating your first.

List now you’re overhearing list right so you wanna come over here.

See what it says create those guys right over here there’s a little blue button I’m gonna click that and right now this is where you would create a name for your list so I’m gonna put um this is for something simple right.

Just put money money systems okay just put money systems I’m thinking a word if you won’t work it won’t let you take it right so I’m gonna create okay so won’t let me do it is that this said it already exists so let’s call it money.

The essence for system to see if that works okay so guys there go and let me create a list called money system to then you can see today’s date is October 22nd how.

Hard was that now now if you wanted to create a list you would come here again right over here so now I’m on the money system to list right so now guys how do I add an email to it right well let’s do two things first.

Let me show you guys this I think I got enough time first of all I’m gonna go back to my contacts right I’m gonna go to I think it’s email marketing guys and then I’ll tell you get responses very sensitive right so you gonna really be cool with it no too many commands it doesn’t like.

That so anyway who’s gonna buy this okay so they got a money money money system – that’s what I’m calling is this now over here right away guy who I am this is where you would create the settings for that list or whatever you wanted to do right so what.

I’m gonna do is I don’t want to add contact I want to actually go to my email marketing no long because I want to go to my auto response because that’s what that is guys it’s an autoresponder right.

Now you see over here right these are my list right all my list are in here get this right make it this right auto responders okay now cool okay I want to go here and dig all on my list go you can see right here on the left all my this right now I just created this one then I called it but I call it guys you guys wit me here I called it money list – so I’m.

Gonna kick down right when I take the other ones now all I want to be in is money list – that’s the only one I want to be working with so locate that say apply and now.

You can see there goes money list – right there right but there’s nothing in there guys there are no emails in there right so now I want to go here to create all respond you know just quickly on the right and now I can create a name for the autoresponder right so I don’t want to create a name for cuz it’s already got a name but what I do want to do.

Is scroll down and come to here where it says let me get down where it says create one let me see can I go to sleep see where it says create a new email right there guys I’m right down at the bottom you don’t have to create a name.

You already got your name right I’m gonna show you that name again money system – okay that’s what I’m creating it for right in that.

List I’m come down here – I am I’m gonna create a new email for it right okay now guys now I’m gonna get a title for my my my for the first email the very first email that I want to send people coming on to this list now watch this I’m gonna say so what did you think question box right yeah go guys in classic form a misspelling right don’t.

Worry about the misspellings concentrate on the message okay so anyway I’m saying so what did you think that’s what that’s true that’s propelling my first email I’m.

Gonna show you guys why in a second right so anyway this is just Willie this is the email is going out breakfast email.

You just goes to go out to do this anytime you want right I’m just letting you know this is how you do it right so it’s called so what do you think make sure the Spelling’s right there okay so what did you think we meant th okay right.

NK 1k 1k okay so what did you think what do you think that’s the name of it now this email is gonna be coming from you right it’s coming from me but I’m gonna make sure it’s coming from me right so people don’t know who emails coming from I’m gonna go to next step now once I go to the next step guys remember the little monster I told me that populates well we’re gonna get to that point now when you’re creating your email as valid there’s.

All kinds of creative things you can do back here inside of your responses as you can see there are the different templates that you can use if you wanted to right and there are these chuckles go on and on and on forever almost any niche you can think of but.

I don’t use done for you templates Muslims telling guys I build my own so look at me on the left I usually start from scratch so I’m.

Gonna double click that and as you can see now I’m starting from scratch so I.

Got these blank templates okay remember guys I say you can get creative as you possibly can I can already see this video is going to run a little over.

So what I have to do a part to this video but anyway guys so what do you do next you start from scratch you come down here you get a blank template I’m gonna double click that and once I do that now what’s gonna happen guys is the software is gonna bring up our interface where I can actually go in and create my email remember we talked about this the other.

Day I talked about the fact that the downside is just the fact that he wants to populate so you can get inside I’m gonna write your email.

Up now oh he’ll you know right if you’re looking over at guys you got text blocks you got image blocks all kinds of creative things you can do when you’re composing your email always just use the text blocks most of.


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