Hi there this Michael Jensen I just wanted to talk to there’s there’s a lady that I’m having a conversation through email she opted in and she is a free lead that I got from my free lead system and she wants to use the marketing system that I use she is in ABM and I’m gonna send this video to.

Her you know who you are she’s an ABM American bill money and I just want.

To talk to you briefly about why I’m not promoting and why I’m not in a VM I think ABM is a great program there’s a couple downsides to.

To be in ABM at least right now until I can come up with a system that is unique and different than everybody else that is promoting ABM I think it’s a great opportunity one of the first things that you will notice in ABM is there’s a.

Monthly fee there’s a monthly subscription fee or a product purchase auto-ship whatever you.

Want to call it and although monthly monthly residual monthly purchases and payments are.

Good sometimes people don’t even want to even if it’s a $10 a month program people don’t want to continue to pay that $10 especially if they’re not trained and if they’re their upline their sponsor is not working with them showing them how to save money with stamps.

Get sales and get leads and how to prospect and how to get sales without spending all of your money out of pocket or spending all your commissions on stamps.

One of the downsides to not not just for ABM but any program that has a monthly auto-ship or a monthly payment.

Or purchase that they’re doing.

That they’re paying every month if.

They’re not making any money they’re gonna stay maybe 30 60 90 days and then they’re gone if they’re not making any money they’re not going to stay in the program they’re not going to continue to.

Pay their monthly fee and by the by the lead labels or by the products if they’re not getting any value any benefit from it it’s just it just ends up being another bill that they have they signed up for these money-making opportunities and these home businesses to make money not to spend money and if the if the upline or the sponsor is not teaching them how to either get free stamps or some kind of stamp Club to where.

The stamps are being paid by OPM other people’s.

Money or other opportunities that fund and create income so you can continue to advertise the lady that I’m talking with.

The emails like I said she got the free lead system and she I asked her I connected with her she replied that she’s a real person that’s.

Not a fake email address and I asked her what Pro what program or what are you trying to sell online or.

What are you trying to market and sell not necessarily online but I want to know she got the free lead system so she’s obviously a home business person that’s trying to market and sell something so I asked her and she said she’s an ABM she’s mailed out she sent out.

1600 postcards and she’s gotten zero results 1600 postcards times 35 cents if they were in envelopes which they’re not if I don’t know if she’s mailing them in envelopes.

They’re postcards but if they were in envelopes if you sent 1600 envelopes out that’s 800 dollars not to mention what she.


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