Y’all so check it out guys we’re back with a brand new episode on the channel my name is general Tony and welcome my friends back to my main town hall 12 account now this video is going to be absolutely massive we’ve got so much to cover new up the information which has just been secretly released by supercell we.

Also finally have some resource packs inside of the shop which we can actually buy and use for art saddle 12 bass guys so I’m gonna be fine the calm before the storm three times value pack in just a.
Minutes time and I’m also gonna.

Be giving one subscriber a $50 gift card so if you want the chance to win a $50 gift card guys all.

You need to do this is gonna be the trick all you need to do is let me know your best COC joke down below in that comment section and also let me know whether you.

Want Android or iOS guys your Vesey OC joke let me know what it is down below leave a like on the video to get.

Some good luck and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already guys but before we buy the value pack before we do that check this out if we go in to news-8 cleanse enter one clan leaves guys it is a new youtube video and it’s basically the new war leagues which are.

Coming into the game but apart from that supercell also released a new little update hint early on.

This morning and I’m gonna show you it on screen now so you can all see that guys that says that there is gonna.

Be new single-player Maps coming into the game who’s excited smash that like button guys if you.

Are excited for new single play couple in maps maybe there’s gonna be another a hundred and fifty stars maybe.

There’s gonna be a thousand stars who knows let me know what you think down below in that.
Comment section but for now my friends let’s get.

Ourselves into the gem spree so we put two choices come before the storm three x value on the left hand side three x value on the right once $100.
00 one is $50 six perk of buildings three book of.

Buildings 25 Warren’s against 65 so we’re gonna start off with the 49.
99 we’re gonna see if we can spend it all guys and then we’re gonna come back do some more upgrades so let’s grab this and see what we can do okay so there it is another $49.99 spent on COC and calm before the storm receive awesome let’s just grab a screenshot in case I want to.

Use it for a thumbnail guys okay now what I want to do what I want to do I have got formulas free we’re currently upgrading this and that is a possible tower now we do have those those book of buildings so let’s.
Just go ahead and see what magic items we have got 25.

Borings we’re gonna use them in a minute we’ve got three Builder potions five training potions and we have got ourselves three power potions guys what bucha spells for book of building and six.

Book of fighting we can’t use any of the book of Fighting’s because we have max level heroes so let’s do this 16 million elixir let’s start by using the.

I think we can do fine so there it is one pretty simple two there’s three there’s four and there’s number five guys so let’s go ahead and check out how many of those walls we have currently upgraded you can only do a hundred we’ve done 35 meaning we’ve got 65 level 12 walls left to upgrade guys now let’s go ahead and use this elixir what can we use it on can we use it on any upgrades I think we’ve already maxed out all our traps all our troops all our.

Heroes and I think we can only use it on upgrading more wolves guys which kind of sucks but at least we get to do more wolves so let’s go back in and let’s do three more upgrades on these walls.

Here we go so this is gonna be 15 million elixir we are spending on level 13 wars geyser is pretty damn ludicrous but that’s the way it goes so there it is all the way back down to.

Hundred and ninety-three thousand elixir now we’ve crossed 16 million eight hundred and ninety nine thousand gold think these are the upgrades we’ve got left so let me remove the walls we’ve.

Just done guys because we did just do some walls so let’s remove those our upgraded or I accidentally remove the wizard sir I think let’s remove those guys and let’s click that let’s see what we removed it wasn’t water let’s bring that back in let’s click.

Finish later edit layout and go into photo mode so that is what we have left to upbraid six cannons 8 archer towers one bomb tower and then finally four quarters and we have 60 how many wolves how many wolves how many wars that we have sixty two sixty two wolves guys okay so sixteen million eight hundred and ninety nine thousand gold let’s upgrade let’s check this bomb tower 11 million.

Cannon 11 million archer tower 11 million or should we do off first ever mortar.

Where are the forces guys let’s find them there is 11 of million ok just to make this you know kind of sail along smoothly let’s go ahead and upgrade upon tower guys because once we’ve clicked this upgrade button it is gonna go to max level 7 damage per second the hip points and of course damage when destroyed is going to increase and that means we.

Have now upgraded first our.

Bones ours because we’ve got one down the bottom and one of the top so what I want to do I am going to now remove this bomb tower and that is all we’ve got left – a great.

Guy so we’ll finish that later on slowly as we do more upgrades we are removing more and more buildings and walls from that little block guys now we still got 5 million nine hundred thousand gold so there’s no point saving it we may as well upgrade.

Another wall so let’s see how many we got in the center they’re looking pretty damn awesome let’s go for think that inspire first section it’s been upgraded guys what about this one over here yes there it is we can upgrade another one and that’s another bite a million gold down ok so we spent all our money we’ve done that the calm before the storm.

Guys three tons value 30 million golden elixir has been spent 25 warnings and we have saved the book of building so now it is time to.

Check for rewards ok we even done any challenges guys I haven’t been playing this game a lot couple of weeks a lot and the last week I haven’t played at all so what about this one knock out 50 levels worth of queens let’s do that guys let’s do that so I think we’ve already got an army locked and loaded.


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