All right let’s do this thing go to the barn either dang so aggressive sorry the one minute I think that he’s in here this girl had shot it’s my mind alright hopefully I made everything better let’s do this the moment I said nothing’s in here she’s the one that comes up with the freakin shotgun that is great Friday.

Just really didn’t be dirty and she dropped angel you want to play I’m gonna match right now but I can actually probably.

Leave new sounds it yeah you know the.

One minute I say there’s nothing in the barn I go to check it and the girl behind me goes further into it and she finds a shotgun the luck behind this is just so crappy and she’s following me which.
Is good I’m online but the same time she has no stamina so she’s kind of.

Please tell me these holy shit please tell me Nicole.

Common person Vista phone oh this guy’s my man bro my mini gamers in 97 I kept.

Following me around let’s go I’m my personal sure for what cool I know right now I’m broadcasting let’s go this drill understand.

Yo can you hear me all right cool this is my mic it really twitches out sometimes so I gotta like make sure he’s good are you again so much stamina by vaulting windows thank you while mom was crazy please tell me something oh walkie-talkie the.

Math will come in handy they haven’t been in this this is very surprising alright next time – people don’t really not split up in divide and conquer let’s put that on machines oh my god the boats right there I didn’t think the boat was right there maybe I can go put this on.

Oh there you go your mic sounds better I mean you’re Michael and Sonny too.

Bad I don’t know who died I don’t know anticipation was terrible there oh god it actually fit alright all I need is gas for the bow.

And I’m gone alright sounds good maybe he wants to play or she is it um what’s her name her forever name was it cranky penguin yeah there you go come on I need the gas can if I don’t get the gas.

Can and screwed nothing super.

Disappointing why don’t even grab the walkie-talkie if I’m gonna use them in party check okay so don’t have a pocketknife don’t have spray I was terrible someone pretty much.

Three hits I’m over my feet drives me I’m done I mean Tommy got called bombing I think that’s gonna.

Help us cuz I think Tommy Dyer I know Tommy’s he’s alive anything yeah let’s see if she remembers oh that is very unfortunate no sir you’re not gonna hit me I jump out a window to go to the nearest house and the one thing I get is Jason the window he’s right down the street it’s like the like the worst timing and everyone’s in here literally everyone in.

The lobbies in this one house I think it’s the one person nope everyone 200 that’s where you hit me from he was outside the window why’d you guys used the shot and shoo him though such a crappy decision Oh God all right you know what let’s close this video I mean video let’s close.

This door so spirited I’m so scared please don’t grab me how do you you know let’s try hold trying woman actually I’m gonna make.

A break for it Oh Jason Jason I hop out the window and he’s right there again oh my god everyone’s different I’m a dip on the dip on the biddle if I can get the gas can this would be very cool yes someone was earlier but I set the broadcast because I thought I was done but that video would even upload to my channel so no I did not want to do that no no I’m not.

Running I he hit me once and then I jumped through a window I like jumped into the windows and now I’m hurt I need a spray OS.

I’m just as over pretty much the only thing I can do is I said.

You trying to draw my sister it won’t allow you to I don’t think Fridays I’m so screwed please have a spray in one of these drawers oh my god I thought.

You’re saying like you I thought you’re gonna teehee right now and say you had to spray but you’re in a different game I was gonna be like that doesn’t help me at all.

Literally as soon as I get the boat going all I have to do is drive straight yeah all.

I gotta do is Drive I need a gas and a spray if I can get a spray tan and I’m so set up I don’t understand why she tripped so much remember the character I’m using on the gas you know the luck is not on my side though because even though I found the guys I’m.

Still screwed someone just died please a spray please three please come on please no there’s sprays but they’re not like the.

Spray I need that is such a tease I’m dead it’s over game games over I’m.

Gonna just quit honestly like I’m not even gonna like i’ma try to put the gas in but I know for a fact I’m.

Not gonna be able to make it defuse Oh what did he oh he left let’s.

Go we got discouraged I mean he killed one.

Person in dead I mean once I like put my Instagram like I ministered him I asked what I should upload like a Jason video or a more like a rainbow video they pick Jason and like once I once I like did that like I got I started getting more views on my videos so I I already I’m in value oh I’ve seen that before yeah.


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