Hello and thanks for joining the first edition of journalists hangout this week Veronica Danny Boy it’s exactly four months or a hundred and twenty three days to the conduct of the 2019 general election in Nigeria and as we move closer to the all-important polls we will always be here to give you in-depth analysis of events today on the.

Program PDP Fallon or reject travel ban as presidency insists it is not political weapon against the opposition respite for Turkey as senators with impeachment plot aside and.

Later in the show governor Tom will get the rousing reception in socrata after losing presidential primary election in Port Hackett I will be hanging out.

With Barbara judaculla duty told you chose either who and me or acting Bailey gentlemen thanks for coming on the program journalists hangout starts now or President Muhammadu Buhari is decision to place 15 notable citizens on travel ban via executive order number six may constitute what American novelist Marilyn Robinson termed could kindly intentioned but not considerate while eminent jurists and some opposition parties have condemned the move the.

Presidency insist it is with good intention and the face of this call for support for the banner opposition to the.

Order has been on the increase llegas law FMF Eleanor asked president Harry to withdraw it saying he should allow the court to impose travel ban on suspected looted looters the PTP and other opposition parties describes such action as draconian and illegal they believe it is meant to silence the opposition Angelia adding to what Fallon has said he said it is completely unwarranted to tell your court for ingenious ways designed to.

Expose Bo Harry’s administration to ridicule what do you make of histolytica words I can see clearly the point of Alana was trying to make it that it is the courts and the integrity agencies that can actually impose a travel restriction on any individual as you know the protocol is post person standing trial in our courts the first thing that is done is ID relieve them of their passports so once they are D lived.

Or their passports they cannot travel they cannot travel and they will now miss the courts to give an order for the release of their passport for they can travel usually for for medical check-up and.

All that was as you know they usually loop on his Cousteau travel site in my deck I.

Didn’t for medical check-up man order so if you have that in place then why is this necessary I think that is the point of Alana is Mickey because I generally do is till those guys stand in TRAI that the names of a sophist amongst the people who have a travel ban imposed on them so he say look the courts – you mean push the travel ban that.

The courts have not directed the executive to impose a travel ban on anyone so that is what he said as long as the courts as long as people who have their passports east once they’re facing trial so that they can be available to face justice as long as is the courts who release the passports who make another mandating release of those passports so that’s the current groove over the culture for when they need it.

Then there’s really no need for for us to have a but then mayor a federal High Court.


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