Oh hi weenie this is Alma I’m Windows technical support I’m calling you from Windows can you hear me now yes yes we need this is Alma from Windows Technical Support Center we got a call from this number and the call got disconnected oh yes yes okay so you did call you’d require any help on the computer oh yes.

Yes someone someone did did say last week no did someone did call last week about.

The same thing what was it was that you no sir I didn’t sorry what’s your name again my name is Alma well it’s funny that you should call because my third eldest Larissa see she was talking about this just this last week and you know she’s she is very smart.

I won’t give her bad because you know she was the first in the family to go to university and she passed.

With distinctions you know and we’re all quite proud of her yes yes so yes she was saying that I should look you know get into this look into this sort of thing so what more can you tell me.

About it okay so see if you have any issues with the computer we can help you with that we do provide services and support for the Windows computers so like you called up on this number so was it was it regarding your computer or anything else I’m sorry I couldn’t quite catch it catch you they will what was that again I said.

That did you call for your computer for any help regarding your computer sorry again so you called us few minutes back so I’m one race American again please all right I said that you call this five to ten minutes back and is it.

Regarding your computer need any help regarding your computer yes yes okay so we are online technician sir we provide independent support for Windows computers if you want me to check it I can go ahead and check your computer and see how we can fix it are you ok with that.

Sorry company did you say you were calling from again soft big solution sir well you know here’s.

Here’s something because the last time that someone called up and spoke to me on.
The phone I got in quite a bit of trouble from the people here.

Because I went for something that I shouldn’t have probably shouldn’t be telling you that but yes I think my my.

Eldest Rachel C she wouldn’t speak to me for a week now you know then that happens you know but did that really hurt and and and sometimes in family you know these these things are quite important you know they’re more important than any you know job or phone call or whatever it is oh so I really known I really understand that sir so what do you want me to.

Do you want me to check it out later on or call you back since you’ve pulled up that way I mean you’ve been quite friendly and straightforward with me here no yes yes yes go ahead hello are you there yes I’m here yes sorry this is I have a has a bit of a bit of a problem with this phone and my hearing it not so good yes sorry what were you saying again nothing sure you I would call you back then okay fine answers I.

I heard I I love my job I hear the other job I have only one story.



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