Hello and welcome to stupid robot fighting League this is fight number nine from Armageddon in Taronga today’s fight is between mr. awesome he is controlling the stupid robot sucker Luka who is spotted by get cultured pearl biotic drinks if you ever want some epic ginger beer then check out the link in the description sucker Locker is mostly made.

Of vacuum cleaner parts but if you look on his right hand there he’s got a spaghetti turn quite a lethal weapon there on the right we have the black beast.

Was interested enough to check out stupid robot fighting League keen enough to have a go and so he is a rookie fighter he is controlling el minion and el minion is actually the first ever stupid robot created for the sport and he’s mainly made out of biscuit tins and cans but also check out his magnificent tusks just a special thanks to burger fuel and giggle entertainment before the prizes for the fighters let’s head off to the taunts odds so eat it must be a reference to the.

Weird Al Yankovic song odds so everyone loves biscuit tins or is it more like everywhere love smashing biscuit tins round one sir round one is underway mr. awesome on the leopard oh you’re kidding me oK we’ve had about five seconds of fight there and sucker lockers head has come off they have means a black beast the rookie fighter has won his first fight for stupid robot fighting League mr. awesome is left in tatters there what can you say five seconds of fight stupid robot fighting League is the.

Bane of poor workmanship and that’s what we have right there head falling off five seconds what do.

You say you can’t say anything about that I’m God hot and just a quick thanks before I go home well actually I’m recording this at home so it’s a bit ridiculous saying going home but anyway thanks very much to mr. awesome and thanks to the black beast – thank you so much to the patrons and support stupid.

Robot fighting League thanks to burger fuel and thank you to giggle Entertainment for supplying the prizes for.

Please remember to Like subscribe and comment because that helps out our channel so much and I’ve got a question for you who would you like to see the fight next leave our answer in the description Cheers thanks so much for watching check us out on stupid robot fighting League com well times sir we did it that’s the remix.


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