No don’t come in my room keep on fighting more exactly they need to go to the mouse and keyboard all you just buy PC PlayStation superman’ and it runs about the same just like a few a few more pain like five more misleading to do with things he has nothing to do with console or PC that has ever.

Know if you have if you ever give me $500 laptop and you can x-ray the same Wi-Fi as if you’re using a.

Wireless connection that’s different because depending on what.

People like computer you have and depending on what type of Wi-Fi connector they have inside that computer have as good connection any double-wrap I double ramp are you kidding me yeah this is gonna be fine nipple nipple wrap like nice it subjects when they not that but like another wonder I saw about PlayStation players.

What is it well who’s ready to wonder you won me trying to find a shot it doesn’t matter what shotgun I get Oh a balloon of Gulu pumping on those guys let’s go what is this echo I forgot the switch I got plenty of shield second switch eg you don’t want to get the new pistol so bad in a stream where people I mean hey.

Stream sorry your stream you want that now somebody said they want the new pistol so I do I do I do not switch teams here equipment well who’s.

The guy who’s gonna give me the six years oh you want jumping bro these are Hank break like buildings like the walls look I wish they wouldn’t every release the fire we have a safe that was a horrible idea bring out the I wish I would have.

Made the site a little bit different or like shoulda made it like shining like for the blue stuff coming off of it I didn’t like Andy act funny how come I never use I just use my scroll wheel for my what’s it called okay do what do.
You mean you like scroll all the way through your scroll wheel yeah you.

Scrolls your pickaxe yes k didn’t yeah you.

Should definitely be bind it to something if you want to become better trust me I have it too but my fingers like naturally I switched to all my benefits perfectly I just got you turn turn it off to where you can’t scroll to everything and they can.

Get used to pressing the button because if you get it you have to take your finger off of the button you used to shoot it someone to scroll that’s not good the only thing I use rovol for is a like my scroll wheel if.

Because you already lost some help I got some shield here for you that you can take me skating team to anyone on Team 2 no insane focus but he’s not playing hey who’s that I got a big Hickey you shot at udacity letters he literally pushed me in and laughs you say don’t see this culture for with.

Kate oh oh I don’t know mad but are y’all like pros you guys go a little easy on me easy on me if you’re gonna build battle me like a little easier.
Me you’ll never get better for you like if you.

Go hard on it if I go hard I mean how are you gonna get better final easy because like I won’t even have a chance or whatever okay all right let’s build battle over by um plucked our new mr.

90s and stuff what is there zombies and regular matches again it took him.

Out yeah they took him out for a little bit I was playing yesterday you all right max height right nice try buddy I can’t get high ground.

On this guy because he’s not losing high ground like he’s not leaving high ground ever yeah are you gonna bring me.

Someone stop shooting up and saying focus is trying to stream I mean not streams never you but thank you yeah all.

The way to the maximum the only reason that literally happened was because you’d like like most people in that situation instead of you just kept like rounding like you didn’t try to push.

Me aren’t really trying to get to kill.

You all right let’s look for a there’s a bill battle already are gonna beat me on even meeting second floors guys it’s nothing to get at it hey you have a campfire I do yes I need to lose it for ya I need you to all right I’m right here we’re naturally are what’s.

The College of I’m fighting you so don’t drink show.

Row why’d you pick up my stuff go on st. okay oh hey give the shield back just give the shield back okay my children give this she’ll stretch give.

Me shield back through the shields back the shields back no yo kill him he was waiting for you to kill him right bro Bravo I’ll get that a second fire don’t take it don’t take any other stuff that’s Christ paste.

The campfire you can slice I put it back over there can I use your campfire Christmas skinless right sure yeah I don’t care whatever I get mass I use all I’m asking that 1/5 I’m gonna go to talk about fortnight I can say well that sounds like it’s like such pros man girl I’m basically we have to have our backs on these alright so in the clock moving scene focus you’re gonna sniper through whoa whatever why should we do that let me count you.

Guys go this has been any movie Rocky wait you trapped yourself on you in here I did that I’m perfectly no count now I’m sorry have it with you Beth ready yeah oh I didn’t mean to do that I’m leaving.

All right three yeah yeah this one’s for you right three two you just night me did you take damage yeah I shot I mean I’m dead Oh all right three Connie dr. Donna yeah just kind of something well you’re drinking a search all right three thank you all right no offense AJ but you’re a fucking bot do you pay attention I swear cuz.

Have to talk no not even that but why would you jump off and then kill me and then you.

Land it in all my loot so just stand where you’re at so I can get my shit back I’m getting shot at by this fucking loser whatever the fuck thinks he’s the best player ever just give me.

A shotgun shells and heavy enough any tools I’m Scott down here like 300 I had.

Like 300 all of that series I just need shot himself cuz I’m free here he just shot me to me I didn’t evolve oh I have the zero small image okay I’m sorry for being alive sixty-five traps where the fuck is I became trapped left how many trapped 65 Oh.

Miss dude please fucking with Max and the best fucking take it is blue too there’s free penny machines over by elves right there’s Freeman emissions yeah follow me get out of my room.

You’re farting it out bro they’re right here something always goes point you hey do you have any campers were the free traps I’m get like a thousand trappers register.


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