Hi my friend he’s on number six already today it’s about tripod a monopod and I’ll speak to you about other things that you can use to carry your camera with you depending on what you want to do all my tripod are Manfrotto I like them because first of all you can replace part that are broken they’re not too.

Expensive and you have a lot of choices my big one this is a big tripod very heavy very sturdy and that’s one of the things if you do.

Landscape this one is the one to use very strong heavy lets you have a place here for to know it your level and that’s a bald head most of the photograph room will use a good bald head it’s it’s quite expensive to like you know you have to buy the head and and it’s quite heavy but when you buy your tripod and your head look at how much.

Weight you put on it and that’s a way to decide what tripod to buy and look at the weight of the tripod after that to see if this is something you want to carry with you another things that you have to look for is a high your tripod will go I like to have a tripod that.

It’s higher than me when I do landscape because if I want to go on the rock and look far away this is a good tripod for that I don’t carry that with me because it’s.

Too heavy but what I go in a place that is close to my car I’m bringing this one with me another thing that I like about this one is you can open the legs see when you press.

On it you can move your legs oh hi and that way you can if if you don’t have a line that is even you can use that for rock or things like that and you.

Have the center column I don’t one thing that normally you should not do is to use and this one.

Is pretty had a pretty strong but still when you want to bring your center column up this one is d by distilled with the wind you can have vibration I tend to not choose it and some people will take the column out cuz when you go down to.

The ground level you can go out a six-inch to.

The ground with this one I don’t do this because this is not the one that I use to do this kind of work it’s too bulky is too heavy one thing that I like too is the end warmer here when you go outside and it’s very cold it’s very practical let’s see something that I use most of the time now it’s a.

Very if you want to carry doesn’t weight anything that’s all you can put that in your carry-on it’s not heavy right now this is the number one that I use and they call it let’s see be free and look at that you just move your leg out like that it doesn’t go as high as the other one that means you might.

Have to put it on a table or something it’s pretty strong and look at that the legs you can put the legs to a regular pie pot and put it down and that one is it still enough and very.

Sturdy and if you want to go a lot lower on the ground you can open the legs it’s not as low as some people like if you.
Want to go lower you can take the.

Column out of a big one but for me if I want to go lower show you something gadget this is another man produce.

But it’s a small guy you can put your cover on this and with the legs you can if you want the legs you can have it like that or if you wish to you can go as low as this is just to.


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