You ain’t messing with the flow you ain’t messing with my vision messing with the money you ain’t messing with this what’s up guys true justice here walk back to my channel just reacted today we got an older remix from Jordan Lucas it is the Panda remix now I know a lot of you guys have probably heard it already.
I have not I was actually talking to a friend today at work.

At Beau Joyner and I brought up his new song I love which I fucking love it’s actually my ringtone right now and then soon as I brought up joined her she was like you got to hear the pan to remix if you have not already I told her I’ve not yet heard it so she demanded that I listen to it tonight and I promised.

Her that I wouldn’t do a reaction video to it so with that said let’s jump right in let’s check it out let’s see what the hype is all about let’s go Jornal Lucas kill the Panda panda.
Alone fuck oh god damn it’s over that quick three minutes I.

Felt like two seconds three seconds holy shit there’s another one I want check oh very soon as well you got to kill me but I have not yet heard it I think it’s ski mask off I think that’s the other big one from this era where a lot of people were fucking loving it.

From Joyner but uh yeah I fucking love and Joyner Lucas right now that everything this man touches he’s fucking killing definitely let me know what you guys saw in the comments below you guys could like it to subscribe it really helps my channel grow but until next.

Time I am out join your weekend too many cuts in my mind I can’t sleep at night so I just keep writing I don’t need no help I don’t need opinion so don’t wait for time.

Then I just been living online my city don’t show me no lumpiness fun but local radio stations I got my plays and.

All of these rappers combined I’m going I’m going again a bingo and then I put up with so many things I gotta just let it all out I’m talking.


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