Hi everyone welcome back this is a part two to the video that I released last week so if you haven’t seen that yet I would say stop and go ahead and watch that one I can leave a link right below so basically just a quick recap the originalist really try to find the intended original meaning of the constitution.

When the founders ratified it living constitutionalists liked to read the Constitution as though.

The Constitution adapts and changes with society through the years and so when society changes the Constitution can adapt and change with that living constitutionalists basically.

Have a hidden agenda where they like to legislate from the bench meaning they like to have the judicial branch fulfill the duties of the legislative branch if you don’t know what those branches are if you don’t know the.

Three branches of the government or their roles that’s totally fine just go ahead and watch my limited government video so what is the proper constitutional way to pass the law how does the legislative branch actually work it’s a.

Very complex process to make a bill pass become a law so essentially a bill is an idea it gets written down the bill is proposed once the bill is.

Introduced it goes to committee and the committee members review research and revise it’s a long process they talk about it.

So then when the committee is talking about if they want it to.

Go further then they go push it to a subcommittee and the.

Subcommittee decides if it goes to the House of Representatives then the bill is reported or sent to the House of Representatives they all debate talk and go over what this bill.

Says and the majority of the House.

Of Representatives have to say yes this should be a law and then after the bill is voted on it gets sent to the Senate where the same process happens the Senate members have to debate talk and say is this.
Supposed to be a law and once they vote if the majority says yes then it’s.

Sent to the president and there the president can say yes this bill should be a law or the president.

Also holds veto power and he can say no and basically that’s it or there is one caveat if 2/3 of the House of Representatives the Senate voted yes in favor of this new bill then it becomes a lot bypasses the veto in general and the bill is the law of the land and I must add that this is only regarding federal issues if it’s deemed.

To be a state only issue then it won’t even make it past committee so a lot a lot of effort goes.

Into making a bill a law so if it’s deemed a state issue then all 50 states have to go through this process of are we going to make this bill or suggestion a lot and so if.

All 50 states agree then it’s technically the law of the land but even then it’s not federal and so a state can go ahead and change its.

Mind later on if it’s determined to state issue then it’s a much longer process so the founders realize that Society changes people change and circumstances change and so that’s why they.

Built in a legislative branch in which laws can change they can adapt but they purposely.

Made it this long of a process because laws are not supposed to be written by a small.


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