Hey Richard Mathur here I’ve got an upcoming free webinar where I’m going to teach you guaranteed you can generate up to a hundred quality leads in any network marketing business by running just one simple three-step campaign this is a campaign we’ve been running for many network marketers in many different businesses I heard you like oh yeah sure so.

Let me just show you some proof for.

Example we had a network marketing leader from a travel company that.

Was like hey our company’s got great resources great training but I just can’t seem to get enough people to.

Take a look at those resources and then have them want to.

Join anything you can do with that I was like yes so we injected the three-step simple campaign 102 lead within five days was the results that we generated for that initial campaign then we scale up from there how about a health and wellness example we had a doctor.

Who was like I’m busy building my practice but I also want to build residual income so can I do this at the same time I don’t have the time to become an.

Amazing speaker on video or go to loads of events or prospect random people on.

Facebook or out and about Cole : anyway we can speed this process up Richard I’m like yep we use a three-step simple campaign within seven days we’re generating 19 leads per day these are people that have already taken a look they’ve already got an interest they’ve given information they want to know.

More and we can even automate the process of them signing up as well so I haven’t got time to go into everything on this little video here but I wanted to give you some background and some assistance if you want a guaranteed way of generating 100 leads in the next seven days for any.
Network marketing business then definitely register for that.

Webinar it’s a free webinar I’ll run through of campaigns I’ll show you.

A case that is I’ll give you all answer.

Your questions live as well so lead generation will no longer be an issue to you the reason I want to do this webinar so badly is like have you noticed that were in every single company they tend to have like five or ten like success stories and these.

Are people that like keeping a cover and they drag them out like drag them out the closet or the cupboard for closet something really different right drag them out that covered every single.

Event and they’re always like before this company after this company now this company and it’s.

Great they generated success in the old-fashioned traditional one way of belly-to-belly off of your building things that way and that’s cool but doesn’t work for everybody in fact it only works for the minority they usually have previous success or slick skills or like goddammit they’re good-looking or something you know they have all this confidence and ability that.

People don’t the beauty of this webinar and what it will teach you this campaign is the campaign does the heavy lifting and is the leverage that would usually be required of you as an individual so having to generate all these skills and be time intensive labor intensive trial and error all these things are removed because the system itself is the what for the predictable path that reproduces the results like I just showed you doing this in many different companies in.

My own business as well using this style of lead generation has enabled me like a tap to turn off generating quality people so we’re gonna have to travel because we haven’t had to spend time doing meetings and those kind of things it’s enabling to sponsor over 700 people build a large.

Fast-growing team it’s enabled us to get in the company magazine and open up doors such as speaking and talking about network marketing around the world so if you are or open.

To quality leads that actually want to join actually want to take a look at what you’ve got and a serious about saying yes you and even old to make that part then you.

Definitely want to register for this free webinar I’m gonna break it down into three simple steps okay there’s a fourth one that I’ll keep secret until the.

Actual webinar but there’s three that I can teach you right now to give you better ground work number one you need what’s called the irresistible.

Equation formula so if you are serious about building your business and network marketing team you need to have some kind of offer that solves a painful problem or delivers an amazing benefit and convinces the person that hey that is definitely realistic for this offer can you see that that’s.

A decision they’re making when they take a look at do they want to become a lead a lead is someone that is voluntarily giving you information this is someone who was actually sat down and been like yes then take a look at what you’ve got they’re like I want to definitely please call me or please email me back.

They give you their information so we need something really compelling so every network marketers overlook this piece of the puzzle then it’s gone straight into the market and they’re doing Facebook lives are doing content they’re doing video their email in their cold call in they’re out and about prospecting family and friends and then what they point them to is very weak it isn’t.

Uniform it it isn’t specific it doesn’t solve a big enough problem it doesn’t provide a big enough desire or benefit and you definitely don’t convince them that you can actually do this so.

The reason I’m teaching you something in this video right now is to prove to you that I know what I’m talking about so a whole bunch of people will watch this.

Video and be like oh at this point I’ll register because the guy knows.

What he’s speaking about you want to play that.

Part in your business then your marketing with this first step of this three-step campaign if you have these irresistible equation formula taken care of with the way you.

Structure your offer you’ll have people be like man yeah they can definitely solve this problem yeah your business can definitely help me and I believe you so.

I want I want to give you my information please here I’m.

A lead follow up with me do that now and that’s the position you want to put it so think about that in terms of what you offer right now and I’ll help you construct a.

Desirable offer in that webinar anyway but just get the kind of creative juices flowing right.


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